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syncros bad ?

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Probationary Member
Mar 31, 2003
I was driving today and all of a sudden the third gear would grind whenever i put it into gear. The car has 116000 miles on it so im guessing it is the syncros. What do i need to do and what is the best way to go? I dont know how much $ a new transmission is and if its even worth that money or should i buy a used one or maybe have it rebuilt. I know alot about what im doing with the engine and was thinking about doing it myself with the help of my grandpa how hard of a job is it? And is it worth it? well thanks for replying this is pretty shitty so just let me know whats my best road to go thanx:laser:
Make sure nothing is binding on your shifter linkage to cause you to not be able to shift into gear correctly, if the linkage is okay its probably your synchro. Drop the transmission and take it apart. See what is bad and replace it. It's really easy to pull the tranny out on a FWD. Good luck!
hmmm so whats my best move? i found a really good guide on v faq is it worth doing it myself or is it really hard to do ? Im ready for the labor and hard work its the complexity that worries me. Basically im asking how hard is it to replace my syncros with the guide and two knoledgable guys. But i have never done transmission work before so . I would like some help guys just let me know :laser:
Be very careful doing internal tranny work yourself. If you don't have the actual manual for specifics you could destry the tranny completely. I have an actual manual that the dealer uses and it has complete break downs of the WHole car ( its several volumes) and I'm still nervous when it comes to internal work.
yah it makes me a little nervous im thinking that i should have someone who is tottaly qualifyed for the job:laser:
Yeah I have the same problem! Except it's everytime it goes into second gear. Now I was told by the previous owner, that all I need to do is replace the syncros, and that there are GREAT kits out there to do this with. Now, I can have someone replace the syncros, its just I need to know where to get a kit! Anybody know a place? Cuz replace'n the whole tranny is just too $$$, so anyone got any suggestions? :thumb:
Originally posted by GBabyTSI
tre sell a syncro kit i just bought one and it is bing put in as we speak

Wait.....hold on, where did you get your syncro kit from? Who's doing this job for you? How much money is the job? What exactly are you having replaced? Lemme know!
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