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Stupid kid thinks he can get 1000hp, funny stuff read

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Heh, nice read... really doubt someone can be so dumb. Hope its just someone bs'ing.
MrBentley said:
I've seen a 1000hp supra before. Its possible but its expensive.

You missed the point.

He's clueless.
Mr.bently you obviosly didnt read the link did you. This 15 year old kid goes on to supra forums and asked how to get 1000hp, so some ppl start flaming him. And others tell him to get new apex seals, motec heads, and a stand alone like hondata. The kid is so dumb that he believes them and thanks for there help, while others are telling him that they are making fun of him. Read the thread, and yes i know a supra can put out 1000hp. Read the thread it is funny as hell.
That is some funny shiz. I like the response:

"If you rally want to make 1000 hp then just get 2 bottles of NOS..... The BIG ones"
sadly it's no worse than some of the things I've seen around here :laugh: a little chlorine in the gene pool would do the world some good
Amazing...Good thing hes got those apex seals on the way! By the looks of it hes ognna need that nos by tonight..the big bottles...TWO of them.
LOL, that kid got owned, and flamed, and then owned, and then had his life threatened.

Sound Performance in the Chi-town area has a full chassis supra that runs high 8's i think, when i got my car from them, it was in their garage getting a bigger FMIC, and it ran 9.001 @140 something. (6 months ago)

that car was a beast, but it didn't get there overnight
Hey guys im trying to make a 1000hp RS eclipse can anyone point me in the right direction such as which flux capacitor to buy, maybe i can just throw the biggest shot of nos into my engine. (rofl)
i stopped reading that when i got to: " have been driving since i was 10, .. my dad had a nice mustang and i could handle that pretty well.. i raced it a few times at the age of 13, yeah.. " :rolleyes:
I think the funniest part of that thread was this pic:


  • Howsmarttoday.jpg
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A couple of guys were talikng about vg-35's, I thought those were nissan engines.... wait I'm right nevermind :thumbdown

edit: muffler bearings :laugh: :laugh:
BTW is that a item I need to look at if I decide to go turbo?
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