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Street Tires - nonSlick Options for High HP Cars


Proven Member
Apr 22, 2011
Des Moines, Iowa
So I have a very spirited street/strip drag car.
I run 235/60-15 M&H cheaters at the track.
I currently have 17 evo wheels with potenzas for street use, and it's miserable when I want to put the pedal down.
I'll break all 4 loose, and then get blocked out of my next shift, and I'm sure my synchros are taking a beating because of it.

I'm thinking about getting a second set of 15 or 16s but am at a loss of which tire to run. Will the jump down from 17s to 15 or 16s be enough with just about any summer tire? Or should I look for a specific compound?

I'm not extremely concerned about rollover, but also would like to take a corner from time to time without worrying too much.

Let me know your thoughts.


DSM Wiseman
Nov 19, 2011
oklahoma city, Oklahoma
Potenza what? Which model?
There are several "street" tires out there but the treadwear is low. Depends on what you want the tire to do. Dry only? Rain?


Proven Member
Apr 22, 2011
Des Moines, Iowa
Potenza g019's
They're kinda piss poor anyway.

Will be for dry only.

Just looking for a little softer sidewall to ease up on my synchros when driving spiritedly on the street.

Treadware isn't a huge concern, but there's a reason why I don't drive my m&h's around, yeah know?


Supporting VIP
Apr 4, 2010
pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I have tried 3 different tires. The Falken azinis. They are decent but not the greatest. Got them on sale. Tread last a decent amount of time. Aired down they grip ok on the street.

Second set was the toyo r888. They grip great. Tread wear is much worse compared to the Falken. These are a softer tire. I had one sidewall puncture but I can't really blame that on the tire. Just wanted to mention it.

Last set, Bridgestone re71r. These are definitely my favorite. They are kind if pricey but they seem to have great grip when warm. And treadwear is in the middle between the Falken and toyo.

The toyo are not good in wet. That is just my experience and hoped it helped.


Supporting VIP
Sep 27, 2007
no fixed address, Oklahoma
If you want a spirited driving tire for the street, look at any 200 tread wear tire or at the Extreme Performance Summer Tire category on
You will definitely find more options in 17" diameter, as 16" and smaller wheels are becoming a rarity on new cars so the tire manufacturers aren't making much.
Although I don't see how a taller/softer sidewall has any affect on your synchro's.


Proven Member
Sep 15, 2009
Stanstead, Vermont
I ran Hankook Ventus V12 Evo in 235/45/17 on my evo wheels, they were a pretty good tire and I could constantly cut low 1.6 60' on them and went 10's on them.


Proven Member
Apr 22, 2011
Des Moines, Iowa
Although I don't see how a taller/softer sidewall has any affect on your synchro's.

From my understanding to cushion drive train harmonics and make for easier shifting. I have a puck style solid hub as well.
I just remember John over at TRE preaching about it hard to me when I told him about my 2nd gear block-outs a couple seasons ago. He seemed correct- I bought taller bias plys that same year and no more block outs at launch.

Regardless, it only happens if I'm spinning the tires through 1st and into 2nd. So maybe just a sticker street tire in 17s will do. I'll look into these suggestions. Thanks guys!
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