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Street Racing


Proven Member
Dec 29, 2003
Southwest, Missouri
I used to go to street races all the time in wichita kansas until i moved, i only raced a few times tho because there would be too many people on one street and things got outta control sometimes. But since i moved to florida i havent been to one. I do miss it tho cuz it was fun and i got to hang out with friends and see fast cars and there were a lot of hot chicks too :thumb:


Proven Member
Feb 23, 2003
Royston, Georgia
Well street raceing is all but non exsistant around here, because even the dumb ricers know there cars are slow as shit, with the exception of two people I know that would try to race there riced out almost 100% stock integs.

All they do around here is rev back and forth in parking lots and talk shit. How do I know? Because any time I reved back, and they started talking shit and I finaly got pissed and asked them if they wanted to fallow me over a county to a perfect street I know to run on, they always came up with some BS excuse and later told all there friends how they owned my eclipse when it's a talon...

SOO the only things fast around here are like 4 muscle car guys, this would be 1 96 Z28 with a supercharged BB, a sorta friend with his 1985 Z28 with a well built SB and two Saleen stangs (yea there not that fast haha) the guy to beat is the one in the 96, he has ran low 10's on STREET TIRES!.

So if I want to race I have to wait untill the drag strip which is currently closed for the winter opens....which I hate because that place is ALWAYS packed.. im talking like you spend a minimum of 1hr in the stageing lanes...

On the flip side of things most cops are cool here, I know in baldwin country where there are the WORST cops in the state in most peoples openion, I talked my way out of a raceing ticket at 98mph with a NA 92 Talon..

I still duno how I pulled that story out of thin air but it was perfect LOL. vowed then to never race in that county again.


Proven Member
Jul 28, 2003
Annapolis, MarylandUS
Hey guys/gals,
i just read this entire thread from the first post...uve all got good points...

now , i love DSMs alot the cars look and run awesome. There is so much u can do with them.
Im not gonna lie ive only been in the "car mod" scene shortly i grew up going to Metro (im 23) the guys out there were awesome.

See my thing is though there are people that like to race , geez i like to hit the gas from time to time but not against everyone...honestly when a honda pulls up next to me and shifts donw into 2nd tapping his gas all i do is sit there look over at him stare him in the eyes and wave him by...u know my car looks good to me , not to alot of others. and its got some good speed to it.

Just the other day i got pulled over with a honda. The cops all know me around here i shoot the ish with them. I also deliver there pizzas LOL. in my talon. im not another 17 yr old racing through town at 80 mph.

I dont know but ghost...dont mean to rant on u man dont take this to personally...u said u ran from the cops? thats the stupidity that all the guys on here are talking about. If u follow news , there were 7 teens killed the other night in NC running from the a dodge something , the sad part....the crashed about 5 miles after the cop started chasing them.

in my opinion street racing should stop...the only people i hang with are the people that like to show off there passion for cars...old cars , muscle and imports we dont need to go flying down the road because some persons got an insecurity about having beef with some young kid. We all love cars , we like the rush but most of all the hard work and slaving we put in to them. But if u guys are gonna race. do it some where where theres NO traffic, pedestrians , go to the coutry or way back roads...block off the roads and make sure ur close to a phone.

To everyone who loves there rides...i havent seen one on here i dont like, u guys should be proud to own a DSM .

sorry dont mean to preach, and sorry this was soooooo long LOL.

ohh and the cop let me go he got the other honda guy for trying to initiate a race....and i gave him a free pizza hahaha and for some reason people are scared of my car because no one knows how fast it is ...its just got a loud azz whisle to it when i excelerate and its loud as hell. LOL
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