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Please Support STM Tuned

Starting a carbon fiber company, what parts would you like to see made.

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Proven Member
Jan 2, 2003
Moline, Illinois
how about front fenders for a 1g 1990? I would buy those if the price is right......Hey is that me being called on down to the front?;)


Proven Member
May 11, 2003
Atlanta, Georgia
So what is the deal? How are things going over there? Let us know. I want some door panels. LOL


Probationary Member
Feb 22, 2004
lake havasu, Arizona
i would like a carbon fiber motor if its not to much to ask. jk just saw pretty much everything asked for so i had to pick something


Proven Member
Jan 18, 2004
modesto, California
hows about a hardtop conversion for us spyder guys. you know, just like they have on the miatas, a hardtop for the winter. then in spring you can have it drop top so you can put the canvas top up just in case.

the removeable hard top would have the same body lines as the regular hard tops, so it doesnt look like a spyder. you would have to find some way of making a window too, and getting the trunk to open with the hard top up. or just make the hard top mimick the soft top, thatd be cool too.

and a rear passenger seat delete kit for the spyders. who sits back there anyways? you can have them made with 1 or 2 sub cutouts and flat spots to mount the amps. i forget who has this in their spyder, its all black, and its a fiberglass enclosure. its pretty sweet looking. though i dont know if CF would be as good as fiberglass in this application.

just youre wide assortment of hoods, interior pieces, mirrors, and body kits.

how about CF wheel wells? lightweight replacements for the plastic crap?
CF fenders, different designs than Z3 or corvette style.


Proven Member
Jan 23, 2004
WhiteOak/PGH, Pennsylvania
Originally posted by 98RedGs
CF Hood
CF Spark Plug Cover
CF Fuse Box Cover
CF Kick Panels
CF Lower Half Of The Front Dash
CF Steering Wheel Surround
CF Pillar Pods (both not just one)
CF Trunk Cover (one that hides the trunk)
CF High Rise Eclipse Wing
CF Armrest
CF Radio Bezel Trim
CF Kit (Hey... Yah gotta make em)
CF Glove Compartment (at least the front...)
CF Dash Bezel Trim w/Two 52mm Gauges. (1 on each side)
CF Steering Wheel Cover (Bah...Check intrest in this first)

Thats my imput.
if you do all of these you will be rich !!! everybody will have to have one. :thumb:


Proven Member
Feb 20, 2004
Marion, North_Carolina
You would make such a killing if you did made a good looking front bumper lip for the 95-96 eclipse and talon guys. I see all kinds of people looking for lips for there 95-96's but guess what. there arent any.


Proven Member
Jun 24, 2002
Boston, Massachusetts
Originally posted by PaulPDX
There is one already for the 2G. VIS.

It doesnt fit the 2g turbo ones... if you read carefully its only for the NA cars.


Proven Member
Jul 19, 2002
Adliya, Bahrain
Originally posted by EvolvingGST
It doesnt fit the 2g turbo ones... if you read carefully its only for the NA cars.

plus it buldges and doesnt look too good, and they added the two vents on the side which gives it the riceness effect.

probably will fit on the turbo if you remove the upper cam gear cover and do a little trimming.


Proven Member
Jun 30, 2003
Newport, Arkansas
Fender Flares ?

that would be neat

and a 1g deck lid

center consle lid


Proven Member
Aug 9, 2003
WPB, Florida
there kick panles. Ive never sat in a 2g. but When you sit. look by ur feet. There should be a plastic peace under the dash by the carpet and door. thats a kick Panle. theres probly alot of Marks, cause you "kicked" it.


Proven Member
Feb 16, 2003
I would mainly focus on parts that actually take off weight. Most dsmers are wanting to get out of stuff the cheap way. I dont think the majority going to want CF emblems and stuff. Maybe like carbon fiber doors that would be cool. CF hatch and a CF hood? not anything thats only going to drop a pound.


Unless you are focusing on body parts, I would like to see some guage pods for 1gs like the 'frog eye' style for 2gs.

Or maybe something that allows us to mount our guages on our dash (red area on piss-poor drawing).


  • gauge pod idea.jpg
    gauge pod idea.jpg
    5.8 KB · Views: 154


Proven Member
Jan 27, 2003
neunkirchen/germany, Europe
Originally posted by Boostin4g63
1g lip spoiler, 1g lip spoiler, 1g lip spoiler... and maybe a 1g lip spoiler.. just my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!

i could get u a form that u could copy for a lip spoiler


Proven Member
Feb 23, 2003
Royston, Georgia
I was wondering if thats what it was or not..

But yea LETS SEE some more 1g parts! That is a very large vertualy untaped market there. With lots of ppl like me just waiting to hand over there hard earned cash for nicely made parts.
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