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Stalked by a derranged mini-van driver!

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Feb 26, 2003
SE, Pennsylvania
tonight i about shat my pants. i'm in my friend's civic with my girlfriend and we're goin to drop her off. we get stuck behind this friggin mini-van doin 10 under the limit, and its 12 am. we're followin along, the van pulls over for us to go around, but we don't go. we keep followin behind, and they pull over again. we go around. all of a sudden, the minivan squeels its tires and is right on our ass with its high-beams on. we're all just like WTF! its a mini-van! my friend slows the car down, turns off his lights, and throws on his flashers and drives about 10mph. the guy musta gotten pissed as hell from that. he's right on our ass like he's gonna run us off the road. my friend slams the gas and we're outrunning the mini-van. this guy was a total facking psycho. my friend gives the gas on a straight away, and we start to lose him, but everytime we got to a turn, the guy would get right back on our ass like he wanted to run us off the road. we went through 2 parking lots swervin around trying to lose this dood. finally we got back onto the highway and my friend floored it AGAIN. the mini-van kept comin, so we pulled off into another parking lot, and finally the guy went by. all i can say is i have a new outlook on life, and i learned no matter how shitty a mini-van is, DO NOT FVCK WITH IT!
Something like that happend to me too. This guy was going really slow in an empty parking lot at night, so i thought he was looking for someone or something. So i was kinda on his ass, but we were only going 5mph, so in my book, that's ok. So he stops completly, so i start to go around him, and he speeds up with me. I slam on my brakes, and so does he. I have 5% tint, so i just sit there stopped thinking WTF?!?, and he's sitting right there next to me. So after a little bit, i decide to go, and he follows me back to my work (pizza delivery). He blocks my car in when i stop and comes up to me all swearing and saying he should knock my face in. I told him to take it easy, and he eventually did and left. f*cker..
LOL..that was my grandfather..he likes to skip out on his meds and drink alot and just wander off sometimes..LOL..:)
Same thing happened to me last year. On the way home from school my friend threw a wrapper out the window and a huge white Explorer guns it, pulls up right next to his Grandad's Lincoln honks the horn, rolls down the window, shouts at us, keeps side by side for like 3 minutes until finally he rolls away.

Must have been GreenPeace or something.
Originally posted by RuBiCaNT5X

I guess you didn't read another of his threads, his car started on fire and his new 6bolt went all for not. :(

dont remind me :cry: :cry: :cry:

Had something similar happen to me on the way back from skiing in the poconos with my younger brother.

On our way home, some guy is doing about 15 under the speed limit in a 55. I wait until a passing zone comes up, and go around him.

As soon as I get around the guy, he accelerates and gets right on my rear bumper. I deal with this for about a mile, until I start tapping the brakes. At this point, the idiot starts high-beaming me.

Another mile goes past, and I come to a parking lot. I pull in to see what the idiots problem is. As soon as I come to a stop, the guy pulls in, and does a power slide/stop about 8 feet from me. So, I jump out of the car and start quickly walk over to his car. As I get to the car, I notice that the driver is a 5'-something, 140ish lbs. high-school looking kid. I not-so-politely ask him "what the @$&* is your problem, idiot!". He looks up, gets a scared look on his face, OMG says "Uhh..nothing!" then rips back out of the parking lot.

I was kinda amused (and confused at that point) over the whole thing.

that reminds me of back in the day,

Used to leave school at 12 pm, then drive to the vocational school,
and on the way, all us kids would drive crazy and #### around, and shit,
i had a few buddies ridin wiht me, and we looked back, this is in my jeep BTW. top off, flying down the road at 45mph
LOL, but yea, we look back and we see my buddies car, or what we thogh was my buddy, so my friends grab everything that wasnt bolted down, and start chucking it out the back, booke, newspapers, cans of ####, trash, everything, so the car, falls back,

and we get to the school and drive around the back, and we are getting out, and the cars pulls right up to us, a 3 fat nasty skank hoes jump out, and have like, sticks and tire irons and shit, and are comming after us, so we ran and hid in the bathroom of the school, waiting a little bit, then left, and went mudding,
That is why you need to travel with a TPX or Louisville Slugger in the back seat :|
I can't believe you couldn't outrun a MINIVAN!
1. i was in a 2000 Honda Civic DX

2. i wasn't driving

3. if i was driving my talon, that van woulda been a dot in my rear view for about a half second
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