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Security Switch Install

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

To start an unmodified 5-speed 2nd generation (95-99) Eclipse, the clutch pedal must first be fully depressed. This is accomplished through the use of a “Clutch Pedal Position Switch” which lets the ECU know when this has happened. The pedal is depressed, the switch goes from a closed to an open position, and the car is able to start.

This is but a small safety feature to ensure the engine is NOT started while in gear. However, most turbocharged Eclipses undoubtedly have a turbo timer installed. This means that most are in neutral when turned off and thus still in neutral when started again.

This mod is going to re-wire this safety feature to a toggle switch that will add an extra security measure to your car against theft. We will disconnect the wire harness from the Clutch Pedal Position Switch, splice a couple of wires into the harness, and then run them to a toggle switch that is mounted in a discrete place of your choosing.

After complete:

-The engine will not start unless the switch is toggled first.
-Not having the pedal depressed while starting will keep pressure off the thrust bearings when they’re not fully lubricated in an attempt to avoid Crank Walk.
  • (2) Male .110 x .020 spade ends
  • (2) Insulated Female .250 spade ends
  • (1) Toggle Switch
  • Length of 16-14 AWG wire
  • Electrical Tape


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1) Disconnect wire harness from Clutch Pedal Position Switch
There are most likely two (2) position switches attached to the clutch pedal assembly up underneath the dash. The switch we are concerned with is the upper most one. Disconnect the wiring harness from the switch and then try and start the car while in neutral without depressing the clutch. If the car starts, congratulations! You found the correct switch on the first try! If not . . . just reconnect the wiring harness and look HIGHER up on the pedal assembly. There should be another switch further up. Once you’ve disconnected the proper switch, move on to the next step. Below, the switch outlined in GREEN is the one you are looking for.

2) Locate place for new switch
For my switch, I fabricated a bracket that mounts nicely below the steering wheel. Just find a discreet place to put your switch . . . somewhere out of the way or in plain view -- whatever you wish!

3) Run the new wires
Cut two (2) lengths of wire long enough to run from the Clutch Position Plug you previously disconnected to the location of your new toggle switch. On one end of the wire, crimp on a male spade connector and a female spade connector on the other end. Do this to both lengths of wire. Insert the male spade connectors into the Clutch Position Plug and insulate them from each other using some electrical tape.

If you couldn’t find any male spade connectors small enough to fit into the plug on the harness previously disconnected, an alternative would be to use an in-line (vampire) splice to connect your new wires to the harness. (Red crimps in the parts picture)

4) Finish up and test it!
Connect the new wires to the toggle switch, clean up your wiring, and test it out! With the switch in one position, the car should not start. In the other, everything should fire right up!


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