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Scraping sound from trigger plate and sensor . Oil leak from tensioner


Proven Member
Nov 25, 2014
pensacola, Florida
97 eclipse get 5 speed stock. I amgetting a scraping noise and the plate has scratch marks on it and what looks like someone has tried to fix with a screw driver. Also having major oil leakage problem from one of the tensioner . I used my sethascope to listen to where the sound was coming from and it was comingfrom the tensioner ( where scraping noise was theloudest) . Looking for suggestions on what to do I don't think it is crank walk didn't see any crank play when I had someone push clutch I'm and out and I couldn't move it by hand , no metal shaving or scraps in my oil. Has anyone had this problem or any .advise? Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad spelling. Here are some pictures. Not uploading from my phone I have pictures posted on another thread asking this question. Thanks guys.


Proven Member
Nov 25, 2014
pensacola, Florida
Here are some pictures . Thanks


  • gst tmc2.jpg
    gst tmc2.jpg
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  • gst tmc 6.jpg
    gst tmc 6.jpg
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  • gst tmc 1.jpg
    gst tmc 1.jpg
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  • gst tmc5.jpg
    gst tmc5.jpg
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Proven Member
Jul 1, 2009
Pensacola, Florida
Dollars to doughnuts the oil leak is coming from the front BS tensioner pulley bolt not being sealed or the front BS seal is leaking

Next pull your VC, and loosen all the cam tower caps so the valves close

Then grab the socket for the crank center bolt and rotate the engine over and listen and see if you hear the trigger plate scrape on the crank sensor.

Double check crank end play, it is less than .010
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