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Sad Story

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

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Nov 24, 2002
Last night I went out to the bball courts in my small little town to play some ball with whom ever happened to be there. In my town there is a bunch of guys ranging from 18 to 23 years old that think they know everything there is to know about cars. One has a neon, a couple have a few eclipses, and a MX-6. The most impressive to me would be the non TT 3000 gt that the one guy has. We like to call this group "the Fast and the Flammin'." One part of the F&F crew happened to be there. He had his faster car out tonight witch was a 87 selby Z daytona. This was one of the few kids in the fast and the flammin' that I think is pretty cool. Well we played some hoops for a while and all of the sudden "ah shi%, here they come, ITS ON" as JA RULE would say. Here comes the whole crew. Well the kid with the shelby Z tells the kid in the 3000 gt to race him. I was like "alright, this is what i like to here". So we all get in our cars and head out to the local street racing spot. Half way out we start to hear this noise...and not a good one. We tell him to stop the Selby so we can listen to what the noise was. Well what do ya know! It has a horrible knock. The race is called off and we get a friend to tow him. Sucks to be him. I told him that he could race my DSM for his back up car and then smiled and said "haha, just playin!"
* looking for the lightning in a bottle pic*
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