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RWD Tiburon 2007 [Merged 11-7] Genesis Hyundai


Proven Member
Sep 29, 2002
I saw a graph not to long ago that compared cost in shop to part cost. The car company that was the most reliable and had good part costs was lexus. lexus was number 1. I dont remember were hyundai was placed.


Proven Member
Dec 8, 2002
Coatesville, Pennsylvania
I can't wait until the time this comes out. The new sports cars coming in the next five years are going to be outrageous. RWD Tibby, evo x, maybe a new camaro and goat, supra, skyline, sti, plenty of factory souped up stangs, challenger, who knows what else. Sports cars are going to be rediculous in 2010. That is just the time I'm going to be able to afford something like this :sneaky: :sneaky: :sneaky: :sneaky: :sneaky:.

The new tibouron is going to have a lot of really good competition.


Proven Member
Apr 24, 2005
Moses Lake, Washington
Well hyundai is working hard to overcome there reputation for being crap, because they sold some junky cars here in the USA. And maybe they will, but I'm not gonna be the guinea pig to buy one and find out.

Yeah cool looking concept car. Obviously the way the market is going, they would be foolish not to try and do something, even chevy is makin a supercharged car nowadays. :rolleyes:

In 5 or more years I would more seriously evaluate purchasing a Huyndai (maybe). That is if they do a good job.

I worked at a Huyndai dealership; the service department is much busier then the showroom. And people are pissed because the car is always being fixed. They didn't like having a brand new car that they never get to drive and can't rely on. Also the dealership did not give loaner cars (if they did customers would just drive loaner cars all the time LOL).

I mean with a turbo dsm with 100K miles on it, it's ok normal to have expensive repairs. But I don't want to deal with a new car that's a POS.

Actually I don't buy new, I buy used, and so I would need to wait a few years for the better huyndai to make it to the used market also. New cars depriciate too fast, they are a poor investment.


Proven Member
May 15, 2005
St. Paul, Minnesota
The concept car is a little too aggressive for my tastes, but if it finally has the goods to back up the looks I could accept it.

As for hyundai quality, I've seen both. I had a mint S-Coupe turbo blow at 86K and saw a family friends new hyundai die at a few thousand miles. I've also seen my friend beat the hell out of a 97 accent delivering pizzas and neglecting maintenance and have it keep ticking through out. The good part about all of them is they were cheap :)

I hate to say it, but I think Hyundai's ranking for reliability started going up when they started designing their own engines ("alpha," "beta," etc...) and got away from Mitsubishi stuff.


Probationary Member
Oct 22, 2005
Chillicothe, Ohio
I used to own 2 Scoupe's. One was factory turbocharged :shhh:

My first car was a Scoupe. It was factory Turbocharged and I got my first speeding ticket a week to the day after getting my L's!! Then I didnt have a clue what a turbo even was, was a pretty neat car though. Now I look at it going around town and laugh~!

Herbal Essences

Proven Member
Jan 31, 2004
Arvada, Colorado
Shit, you can't beat Americas best warranty either. I could deal with a 10 year/100k mile warranty.


Probationary Member
Feb 4, 2006
Everett, Washington
According to the latest Motor trend magazine, the Hyundai Tiburon will end its line in the 2008 model year.


Proven Member
Aug 30, 2005
St Peters, Missouri
It's a shame they never made a turbo model of the tib when they had the 4G63 in it.:toobad:



Proven Member
Jan 18, 2004
modesto, California
bane3d said:
It's a shame they never made a turbo model of the tib when they had the 4G63 in it.:toobad:


umm what? i was only aware the elantra utilized the 4g63.


Proven Member
Nov 29, 2004
Detroit, Michigan
Thats pretty sad. However there are rumors going around that the replacement will be the Tuscani (RWD, SC or TC)... Some of the new Tiburon are already Tuscanis so its not that bad.

Also I think early Scoupes had either the 4G63 or 4G61 in them...probably 4G61.

Game Over

Proven Member
Jun 30, 2004
Aston, Pennsylvania
I thought the Elantra and Scoupes came with the 4G61's, not a 4G63, and some Hyundai's also used the 2.4... Oh-well, the replacement should be a nice change.


Probationary Member
Feb 4, 2006
Everett, Washington
According to Motor trend, the replacment for the Tiburon will be a FR with a V 8. I think they said it was called the HDC 4. I have seen drawings of it, it looks like a bigger version of the Tiburon. I have also heard that this replacment will be in the 350 Z class. Hyundai did use a version of the 4G63, but they added their own twist to it. For awhile( I do not know if they still do this) Hyundai was suppling 2.0 motors to both Mitsubishi and Dodge.


Proven Member
Jan 11, 2003
Boynton Beach, Florida
I like the idea of the turbo'd 4 cyl better than the v6 or v8 to be honest. Looks like a sick car. Ive always wanted to see a fast Tiburon Ive always been a fan of the way they look...atleast the past 2 models, and this one.


Proven Member
Jul 30, 2007
Fair lawn, New_Jersey
..."fully naked photos of the new coupe sitting next to its main competitor, the Ford Mustang."...


Proven Member
Jul 21, 2005
Napa, California
I just hope they keep it light, because 215hp in something that weighs close to a mustang wont be much fun at all.


Proven Member
Aug 3, 2004
Winnetka, California
The new coupe is going to replace the current FWD Tiburon in the Hyundai lineup. It is still not known if the coupe will still use the Tiburon name. It is rumored that the coupe is going to be offered with a 300 horsepower V6 and possibly the same Tau V8 in the Genesis sedan. The coupe is also expected to get a 215 horsepower 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder.

According to sources the 2.0L turbocharged coupe is going to start at $19,900 and the 3.8L V6 with 300 horsepower is going to start at $25,900.

Sounds like the return of the 4g63 with a T-25 on the 2LROFL. who knows if its gonna be a 4b11 or and 4g63. since they are part of the World Motors thing, im sure there using one of the 2. 3.8L must be a retuned 2006+ Eclipse motor. im thinking
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