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rod bearing caps movement

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


10+ Year Contributor
Mar 3, 2012
lexington, South_Carolina
okay so i took off my oil pan and found out that all four of my rod bearing caps can move back and forth( towards the turbo then back towards the exhaust). Is it normal for this to happen? the engine is rebuilt and has like 5 miles on it. it was making a rod knock noise or anything. all four rods can move the same amount. any help please?:pray:
What did you do when you built the bottom end, did you measure everything and torque everything correctly?
They should move side to side towards the flywheel and crank pulley, but there should no noticeable movement from front to rear. IF there is than something is wrong.
i bought the engine after it was rebuilt. i didnt do the work.
When you bought the engine, what were you told was done?
No. There can be a little side to side movement along the crank journal but there should not be any noticeable movement perpendicluar to the crank. The oil film gap between the bearing and journal is very tight. As stated above, pull the caps and see what is happening.
when i bought the engine i was told it was completely rebuilt. The inside of the engine is really clean. i could even see the tops of the pistons were clean. i wish i could upload a video or pic but i cant right now. what should i do? what does it usually mean if they can move a little back and forth(towards turbo and back towards intake manifold) if worse comes to worse how bad is it to change out the rod bearings?
well i guess ill pull the bearing caps and see what they look like. any one have a pic what bad bearing caps/ worn crank would look like?
Both the rod throw on the crank, and the rod housing bore should be smooth.

If any sort of teture to either surface, that part needs machined or replaced.
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