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RIP Curt Brown


Proven Member
Jul 28, 2009
925/510, California
RIP Curt!

I haven't been on for so long. I just popped in for old time sake and to see whats been the latest with some 4g63 action.

Blessing to the family. Will have them in prayers.

Take care my friends!!!


Supporting VIP
Apr 26, 2010
washington, Pennsylvania
Rest in peace to a man that was very competitive and considered a legend in the 4g63 community. I remember meeting Curt at Keystone many years back when he was still into DSMs and Evos. I remember him running 10s on what I believe to be an Fp green powered evo. Much prayers for the family. He was a local for us and it's an honor to be great friends with the guys that own his old 1g on the cover photo and the blue Evo 9 is also owned by a good friend of mine. Prayers for the family rest easy...


Supporting VIP
Jun 29, 2003
Luthersville Ga, Atlanta, Georgia


Founder & Zookeeper
Nov 12, 2001
Newcastle, California
Hey can you please help me with something
Did you reply to this thread about Curt Brown passing away asking someone for help with an issue you're having with your car? WTF Did you not read the previous posts in the discussion you were replying to? That reply was a little like walking into a funeral, going up to a group of people who were having a conversation and saying "hey, can you help me with my car?".

Maybe you're new to forums? If so, here's a very quick primer... if you're in need of help, use the search box up top to do some keyword searches for the problem you're having to see if others have discussed it already. If you do several searches and can't find the info you need, post a new thread in one of the following forums (click into one of the forums below that best fit the topic you're posting about and click the orange "Post New Thread" button):

In many cases, you can post a new thread in the following forum to get help:

Or, if you're trying to get in touch with the member you quoted above, you can private message to them by clicking on their username and clicking the Start Private Conversation link.

Pube Stache

Proven Member
Jun 13, 2004
Toledo, Ohio
I know this is an older post and of course I am totally out of the loop with DSM info. But I was telling a friend of mine tonight about Curt and how he was an amazing driver and had an insane DSM Link tuner.

I can't believe this happened! I bought his ECU and DSM Link from him in 2010. I still have it too! I'm not sure what car it was on, I'd have to research it a bit. It might have been on his black 1g.

What a bummer! RIP man.

SS Laser

Probationary Member
Dec 11, 2007
Ellwood city, Pennsylvania


Supporting Member
Jul 30, 2014
Down the block, Minnesota
I read the whole thing, and wow what a tragedy. Life is so short, I always freak myself out thinking how fast time is flying. Rip and may we all meet in another life.

High PSI

15+ Year Contributor
Oct 21, 2004
USA, Australia
The quotes from Kurt's wife are heart-wrenching. I agree w/ the sentiment above - this guy needs the full 22-years.

A lesson to be learned here from Kurt's wife, "“I don’t consider Curt’s death to be an accident,” she said. “It makes me sick no one in his life took the keys or the truck."

Remember, "the standard you walk past is the standard you accept". This guy didn't have a license since 2006; I'm sure this wasn't the first time he was driving unlicensed and high, and I'm sure he didn't do it in silence. Had someone, anyone else intervened earlier, Kurt might still be with us.


Proven Member
Jan 14, 2020
West Warwick, Rhode_Island
Twenty-two years isn't close to enough. Not at all.

He still has time left after that, Curt has no time. None. Nothing can give Curt a second chance, give Kate a second chance at the happiness and love she experienced and was ripped from her. But at worst, this guy gets out at 58, a mere 6 years older than Curt was when it all was stolen from him.

I hope this man never experiences an iota of happiness again in his life because reading Kate's words is so heartbreaking and I just get the sense she will never experience true happiness again and it would be a tragedy for him to get that opportunity she never will.
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