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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Hello everyone, I have started collecting parts for my 1997 GSX and plan on a moderate street build. This is my first DSM, but I have been a fan for a long time. My step-dad has 2 '99 GSXs that he drives/works on when he has free time, so I am going to use him as a resource when I can.

History: I bought the car in March from a posting I found online. The guy that sold it to me had receipts for everything and every service ever done. Even though the car has over 200k on it, the motor and turbo has been replaced once already. He told me he put a shift kit in it (auto trans), and otherwise it was completely stock. I drove it home from Aurora and barely drove it the first 2 months I had it. The first warm weekend day we had in April, my step dad and I took the cars to the car wash and planned to take them out for a "Sunday" drive. As soon as I left the car wash, the transmission started to slip when I went into overdrive. Needless to say I was devastated. I called the person I bought it from to ask if this had anything to do with the shift kit. He reached out to Kevin from Jack's Transmissions and we were told it is a common problem with cars that have that many miles. Kevin sent me a link for the over drive clutch kit and a youtube link to watch for the install. The part was ordered and it only took a half hour or so to install.

Upgrade Plans:
Fuel - Fuel Lab fuel pressure regulator
- Fuel Injector Clinic 1050cc injectors (maybe an E85 run here or there)
- Walbro fuel pump (undecided on size at the moment)
- Fuel pump rewire
Brakes - Steel braided brake lines
- R1 concept slotted rotors
- Outlander front calipers
Suspension - Tein Coil overs
Exhaust - HKS (one my stepdad has left over from his cars)
Turbo - Either an FP Green that my step dad has on his shelf (if I can convince him) or a Evo3 Big 16g
Tuning - Extra link V3 that my step dad has
- LC2 wideband
Intercooler - CX racing intercooler and HKS BOV that I purchased from someone on here.
Trans - Translab shift kit (already installed by previous owner)

Future upgrade plans:
- Engine internals
- Head (springs, retainers, MLS gasket)
- Intake Manifold
- Throttle body

I will post pics and updates along the way. Most of the parts I ordered arrive on Thursday, so really looking forward to getting started.
Finally got started, painted the brake calipers.


Started installing the new brakes and the suspension.
The back rotors were rusted on pretty solid.
I am guessing the suspension will result in a 2"-3" drop, so I will need to adjust it after I set it down.



Unfortunately the bolt going through the middle of the lower control arm was rusted and it broke off when I tried to remove it. I had to torch it off so I need to get another lower control arm or bushing to finish up. After I get the suspension buttoned up, I will bleed the brakes and see what it looks like off the lift.


Finally got the brakes bled and the exhaust on (HKS High Power turbo back with a high flow cat). Swapped the rims with the GSX that my step-dad had in storage. Not completely in love with them, but they will work for now. I do like how it looks lowered, and I definitely need an alignment now. Also installed a white valve cover I picked up a while back that. Sorry about the pic quality, it was a little dark, but I was too excited to wait.




Hoping to get link, LC2 with gauge, and fuel pressure regulator done next.
Still have to get injectors, intake, intercooler and piping, fuel pump and turbo.
Today I was able to get the wideband almost installed. Still need to make the wire connections and get the gauge hooked up. I did get Link and the fuel pressure regulator done.
I still need to add some zip ties to the vacuum lines.



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The kit that I bought from extremepsi for the fuel pressure regulator did not leave room for the top timing cover to be re-installed. I will have to leave it off until I get a shorter 90 elbow installed.

Took the car to get it aligned at Brakes Plus. The manager there gave me tickets to the Jet Car Nationals at Bandimere, so there was a little bonus. I could only get the toe adjusted until I get upper control arms that allow camber adjustment. The car felt a lot better afterwards.

I haven't been able to do much more, but I did get the wideband wired in and calibrated. I wired it to pin #75, the rear 02 input. I also wired in the gauge and left some pig tails for the oil pressure gauge that is coming in the mail.



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My fuel pump was supposed to arrive yesterday, but it has been delayed until Monday. In the mean time I put in the 90 that allowed me to put my timing cover back on. I also started wiring in the fuel pump relay.



Still waiting to get the Green back from FP. Plan to install the intercooler and the turbo at the same time. Also ordered some throttle body shaft seals. I was told with 200k+ miles they will need to be done and maybe the biss screw o-ring. Also need to get my camber adjusted, but should be pretty much ready to start tuning afterwards.
Last night I ordered some Megan Racing upper front adjustable control arms to fix my camber and I shimmed the rear. I took a guess on how far to shim it. My plan is when I get it back on the rack with the front arms installed I can look at how much it changed from last time and do the math to make the final adjustment.
Some before and after pics:

I also installed the bspt - npt adapters to finally add my oil pressure sensor. I decided to keep the stock one as well for now, undecided for how long though.

I also reached out to FP, they said they are still waiting on my compressor wheel to finish the rebuild. I figure I should start prepping for the intercooler install so it is ready when I receive the Green back. Lots of fin straightening and cleaning.
It's been a while since I posted, but I did get my front upper control arms installed and took her back to the alignment shop. The rear camber on the left side is still a little out of spec, but now I know how much more I need to add to the spacers.
I also got the intercooler installed. I really wanted to keep the fog lights, so I put it in a little lower than I think it was meant to go. Not sure if the piping kit I bought will work now, but I will figure that out after I get the turbo installed. I would like to have a chat with whoever installed the headlights and added the bolt that sits in the middle under the bumper cover. It took longer for me to get the left one out than it did to get the IC mounted. Apparently a previous owner felt the same way because the head light tab was broken off on the right one. I admit it was a pleasant surprise. If I started with the right one, I may have been tempted to use the same technique on the left one.
My turbo finally came from back from FP, but I also decided to go with a recirculated O2 from STM, so there was a little more waiting. They are both here and together now.

I also changed the plugs and replaced the throttle body seals. I was surprised to find iridium plugs in there.
I got the turbo installed, and found out I was right about the IC pipes. They will not work where I mounted it so I am waiting for some more parts to get it installed all the way. I did notice that my water pipe started leaking right under the power steering pump. Removed the turbo and pulled the pipe. The o-ring pretty much disintegrated in my hands. Guess this is normal for a car with more than 200k miles. Hopefully I am not going to have too many more of these surprises before I get to start tuning.
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