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2G Recently bought a 1999 eclipse GS-T, having issues with starting it.


Probationary Member
Jun 16, 2022
Hey all, i just bought an eclipse GS-T with about 123k miles on it and its bone-stock. Got it for a great deal! Problem though, it doesn't wanna start!

Heres the details. When i bought the car it started fine, I drove it home about 40 miles. And then the next morning, it didn't start! We tested the starter 5 times and they said it was fine, the battery had a dead cell though. We changes the battery and it worked! But then in 2 days it didnt start again. We charged the battery, tested the battery, and tried to jump the car and it just wouldnt start. Knowing the battery isnt a problem and the starter is fine, im running out of ideas! Any idea as to where to look or what the issue may be?

Also, the engine and such is in good condition. There is no interaction from the motor when trying to start the car. When it did start though, it ran like a dream.


DSM Wiseman
Jun 7, 2003
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Perhaps to start with, check every wire connection for looseness/corrosion. Does starter spin engine normal speed? If not, test voltage ON THE STARTER while cranking. Does it spin freely with no firing at all or some firing? Next check for air intake hose leaks (eg. loose clamps), spark on all plugs, fuel, compression.
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