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PTE 50 trim Install help!

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Jan 9, 2003
Waldorf, Maryland
Ok turbo's on got one of the stock fans to fit(took off o2 dump and put stock o2 housing on and got drivers side fan to fit.) Start the car up and it backfired then had a shakey idle for a few mins. I notice there's a coolant leak coming from where the stock t-25 coolant line would go. We plugged it with a short 14mm bolt and put a washer in but there's a slow leak coming from it. Is there some special bolt to block that off with? Also we didnt drive it but even when we reved it up my oil pressure gauge did not move at all is that normal? So if anyone can tell me what do use to plug it with that'd be great. Thanks
Jimmy :thumb:
Did you plug the oil pressure senor wire look down by the oil filter and pump to see if any thing is unplug?

You could have bumped it and not notice?
Here is the hole you are talking about Water Hole and here is what I used to plug mine back when I had the L3R. Brass PLug

As far as the backfire and idle are concerned. Check all your connections again and make sure the MAS is plugged in tightly.

Thanks guys for helping me out. The oil pressure gauge is working fine. I bought 2 different brass plugs but they both didnt fit.The leak is gone i just put a bolt in there with 3 washers and tape on it and it doesnt leak. Where did you find that brass plug from? i went to every plumbing place and car pars place today and nobody had anything. Oh yea the backfired happened because one of my plug wires wasnt on tight enough. I drove it around for a little bit then when i got into boost the intercooler pipe blew off(oops) didnt tighten it all the way i guess. So i really didnt get into boost. Tomorow i'm gonna get on it and look at my jumprtronix to see how rich/lean im running. Oh yea i set my afc for -15 correction for now.Later guys
Everytime i shut the car off i hear water and i guess antifreeze running around in all the pipes and stuff, will it always do that??
The brass plug came from Shamrock Bolt and Screw. The water gurgling that you are hearing is most likely an air bubble. You need to burp the coolant system.

Thanks for all the help swordfish. I burbed the coolant yesterday and now everythings fine. My car does smell like gas pretty stong and im not sure why. So should i be able to run Rc 550's with this turbo??
Nope, 550's won't keep up to that big turbo. 660's are the smallest you should even consider running.
You can run 550's, but I wouldn't recommend turning up the boost past 17psi on pumpgas as you will be at or near maxing the injector's out. If you are running racegas, this should buy you a little more room, but I would just sell those and upgrade to 660's. If you ever plan on getting a dsmlink, then i would get 720's personally since they are like the same price.
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