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Project Jade

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Yes no matter what i almost bought a laser before i got this.

Well i had a few dsms a lot of fun, did this and that over 20 plus years, still with it. More than anything i did a lot of learning, researching and swearing, but i never give up on my goal. This build being the long term goal .Just a few pics

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Really excited to get these on. Picking up at the shoot out from John at performance part out. K sport. This was a want years ago. So off my list of things to do.



Well its been a while, the car now has k sport coilovers, and im doing body work. Working on the engine bay will be winters project, and waiting for spring to paint. Car needs a tune still 2and a few minor things needed. 2022 will be a good year for the tsi. She will finally be able to hit the road.
Well winter is here so im working on a few things one being body work, I plan on getting my evo 8s powdercoated soon. A windshield is needed and a overhaul of the engine bay is in the works.
Finally got the rocker out that was rusted i had a scrap one i cut out, from a friend feels good;. . I got a welder to fix some rust not going for perfect just to hold up the moulding. I cut the rot out as much as i could then i used por 15 on some spot definiely worth a shell saving. More updates soon, just get in there get a plan and go for it.

Rust repair

One if the arms with new oem bearings thanks to jnz. Cleanup and paint other one is done too. Finally got this almost done back there

Ok well gonna paint her white, panda updates coming along. Needs someone love but the panda id coming along.


  • 20220121_132542.jpg
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Well installed new oem bearings, and painted the subframe. Volk upper control arm and toe eliminator, he's 25 minutes from me. More to come.


  • 20220131_183111.jpg
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I've wanted one for years. Finally found one in fb from a guy I met last year at the shootout . Well im getting ready to install waiting in parts. And a welder to come by to see about the exhaust pipe. I'm super excited about this set up on my hx40 .


  • IMG_20220312_140637_787.jpg
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  • 20220312_132201.jpg
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Well erl set up with my new hx40. And turbolab exhaust housing, couldn't see spending 400 for a .70 housing. So turbolab. 82 was the best for me. Getting a dump made. A exhaust pipe is getting done. I'm curious on how much lag it will be. The whole car is built from top to bottom.


  • 20220318_183551_04.jpg
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  • 20220318_181814.jpg
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  • 20220318_181821.jpg
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Well today i ordered a new 525 walbro fuel pump to replace the 450, it only had idle miles on it so its up for sale soon. I also ordered my last sway bar link moog from rock auto. I also ordered a fuel pressure logger so i can log my fuel pressure. Slowly im getting there project India has been under the knife for years now , plan to get her out of the garage again this spring and finally on the road.
Well ive been getting some things done, i picked up some brembos from rafal on here over the week, ill be posting pics soon of the work ive done to them.
Toda l finished up my 535 hell cat fuel pump . Nothing much to see.



Got these from a friend rafal a good friend from Detroit. Sand blasted primed painted gonna clear 2k coat with stickers brembo.


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Well finally did some grinding and got some decals probably gonna powder coat one day but. Now whew. Need to replace the rotors. From powerstop.

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Well I've been busy with life but she's getting a strip down for now. Plen on repainting everything one day


  • 20221023_151831.jpg
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  • 20221023_151834.jpg
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I plan on getting a volk 1g kit crossmember installed one day this fall. I'm really looking forward to this piece on my dsm. Pics coming later.
Well finally pulled the engine out lots of things to do over the winter, mostly cleaning and painting next spring



Well the plan is do strip bay down to bare metal in most places then scrape up the paint in crevices, trying to get this thing looking as best as possible .
Subframe out again for some rework fresh paint to go along with the new bushings. Probably sand blast again.


  • 20221112_165116.jpg
    854.4 KB · Views: 88
Well updates herepts of work over the winter to do. Next year is the big one. But gotta take my time.







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