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Problems with upgraded stereo system in my 1G

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Oct 31, 2002
Ok I got a kenwood 50x4 headunit, and 2 kenwood door and rear speakers. They sound great but I cant turn it up too loud or they just start cutting out. Im thinking this has something to do with the cars factory amp? Sounds great, no distortion or anything, just cuts out when I turn it up to like 24-28 (It goes up to 36) I had my alternator replaced about 2 months ago so that isnt the problem.

Ive always had kenwood in my previous cars, I know there headunits well and their speakers. I could turn it up as loud as it could go and they wouldnt cut out. Each of the speakers can handle 60 watts/rms too and I know the headunit only puts out about 22 watts rms to each speaker.

Ill take it too the local car audio shop see what they say, probably end up getting a real amp for the 4 speakers anyway :)
The connections could be loose. I think you should check those out first. This is just an opinion so do what you think is right.
what do you mean by cut out? Do you mean shut off completely and not turn back on till you reset the deck? Because this used to happen to me with my old kenwood, and it was because too much ohms or something being drawn from the deck. The reason it started happening to me was because I just spliced into the rear speaker wires to get my sub input. I fixed it by using the RCA outs instead.
No it doesnt totally cut out and lose power, lights dont flicker or anything like that. Its sounds like a skipping CD, but its not skipping because it does it when I listen to the radio too.

It just seems like its not getting enough power when I turn it up but Ive had the same line of headunits and speakers in 2 of my previous cars with no problems at all. The alternator is more than enough to handle a 50x4 headunit and 3 way speakers so im like 99.99999% sure its not the alternator or battery.
its sounds like your stock amp is having to much power drawin from it and is going it to safety then switching back on
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