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Pressure Test is Testing Me

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Jun 23, 2002
I read the VFAQ! I made the pressure tester that fits on the turbo intake. I'm using an electric pressure tester, yeah it makes alot of noise, it runs for a few minutes but according to my boost guage I'm not buliding any pressure. Of course when the pump is running I can't here #@%#@%#@%#@% but when I turnnit off I don't here any leaks. When I nail it, it spikes to 19 and settles to 15 it pulls pretty good. The thing is I here this squeach when I nail it so I thought I have a boost leak so I'm chekin for it. I need help any suggestions are welcomed.
I used an electric compressor had it run for about 30 sec and shut it off and I heard all my leaks loud and clear.

Do I have such a big ass boost leak. It just doesn't seem so. One time I hooked a tire pump up to the BOV vacumn line and pumped the #@%#@%#@%#@% out of it. When I disconnected teh pump air would rush back out otf the line.
If I had a huge boost leak would it even pull at all or bog? I don't know. WHen I used the tire pump method I hurd a gurglin but another thread I read said that was normal.:cry:
I doesn't seem you have a leak. My boost guage only goes to 5psi but I have no leaks. I may try with a bike pump just to see if there is any differece.

Thanks for responding. I'll try that since I haven't tried it with the new tester. What are your thoughts on the squeach I here when I nail it.
I know with my tester, I used a foot-pump. It was a pretty big pump, so I thought I would've been able to move enough air in quick enough (everything leaks a little) But I couldn't pump it fast enough, it built no pressure at all.

I thought about like an electric tire pump or something, but I didn't think that'd be able to supply enough air quickly either.

so, I just asked someone with a compressor to be my buddy :) I had just a tiny tiny leak by the throttle body that didn't matter. So, I had no leaks, but still couldn't build pressure with the footpump. Just need to get more air in there quicker :)

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