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Our Evo 3 16G Personal goals.


DSM Wiseman
Sep 16, 2005
Sun Valley, Nevada
The car is a 91 talon with minor weight reduction mods. It still appears a full street car and we are out of weight mods minus lighter wheels and seats. We are guessing race weight is 2900-3000lbs. The track we are at is at 3990Ft. the baro pressure was 14.55 so a bit lower than sea level the night we ran. All runs would hit 32-30psi and slowly drop to 26-27.

The mods are as follows:
Stock 160K engine (head/block even has balance shafts)
arp head studs
Stock head gasket
BC 272 cams
Stock intake manifold and TB
Evo 3 exhaust manifold unported
Evo 3 16g unported
2G O2 housing ported
Custom CAI
Pte 780cc injectors
Walbro 255
Aeromotive regulator
SBR large intercooler and piping
Gm maf
3" shorty downpipe (just past oil pan)
Urethane engine mounts

Stock trans/ T-case
Stock axles all four corners
dss 3" driveline
act 2100 street disc

GC coilovers
Stock front struts
Kyb adj rears
Evo 8 wheels
BFG drag radial 225-45-17

Now weve been playing with this car for a couple years upgrading parts only as needed. After this last go around at the track friday night we found the weak link with the ACT 2100 clutch and will be going with an ACT 2900.

We have the car pretty dialed in and we are running Q16 gas. No NOS, no Meth injection, and no e85. We got the car into the 11's pretty easy and figured we would stick with it and work out all the bugs. I will give the basic run down of the slips from friday. If im missing anything I will add it as my buddy has all the stuff. He is going to email me the logs so I can post them up.

First run off the trailer 25psi in tires
11.65 @ 118 with a 1.63 60'

Slight change in tune to lean it out half a point one degree of timing in some spots
11.58 @ 120 higher 1.6 60'

We played with the tune more with small changes and nail another 11.5 @ 120

By this time we drop tire pressure 2 psi every run from the beginging and the 60' times get slower. Shoulda seen this sign from the start as a failing clutch.

Play more with the tune and add about 2 degrees timing up in the top range
11.55 @ 121 with a 1.725 60'

This car usually will 60' time in the low 1.6s and we have hit a 1.59. So next time to the track we will get a new clutch and find the next weakest link. There is a ton of suspension parts that will need to be upgrading. Bushings, front struts, rear toe kit, maybe a front strap kit. We will try to hit the track on Aug 19th to see if we can get even better. Weve overdone our goals and know there is more left in the setup. I personally want the car to hit a 1.49 60' on these drag radials. So its a good chassis game and I strongly believe we can get it close. One step at a time and we find what works and what doesnt.


Oct 15, 2006
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
That seems heavy to me for a 1g that has had minor weight reduction. Maybe I'm just so used to seeing the 1g's down in the sub-2600 lb. range.

Any thoughts on going with either a SouthBend clutch or maybe even a twin disc? I can't recall the last time I heard of someone putting on a 2900 as I think there may be better options out there.

I'll be interested to see the logs when you get them! And maybe a few pictures :thumb:


DSM Wiseman
Sep 16, 2005
Sun Valley, Nevada
That weight is with driver. He's a bigger guy 220-240 weight range. We are trying to get ahold of some scales to get an accurate weight. It basically sits as a base model car with the lighter driveline and a carbon fiber hood. Plus the car has a flip up sun roof.

I forgot all about the south bend clutches. I'll look into them. We are setting the car up to run a pte 6262. So all the parts we install have to be able to hold that kind of power. That was the reasoning for wanting to go 2900 clutch. If we were just stepping up we would go 2600 lb plate and go forward. I really didn't want to go twin disc yet cause cost and the fact we are on a bone stock tranny. We are stretching all the parts as long as we can.

I did copy and paste this from the link forums, so the logs will be there when I get them.

Youll know me better as 1Qkfwd over there .


Proven Member
Dec 19, 2009
Oswegatchie, New_York
Just a suggestion for determining the weight. I just went to my local dump and the guy let me just weigh it quick on the scale.


DSM Wiseman
Sep 16, 2005
Sun Valley, Nevada
Almost forgot I posted this here.

Went and bought some intercomp scales and weighed car and driver at 2950. We welded the diff went back to the track the car now hits pretty much all 1.5 60' times. Best one was 1.55. And the car went [email protected] I'm really trying to get him to go dyno the car to see where we stand on power. The cars a mover thats for sure and I'm sure we can squeak a little bit more outta her. It went another mph quicker during a night race a couple weeks prior to the 11.3 run. I know I can tweak the tune some more or take it down to a lower elevation. We have the wastegate shimmed so tight there's only like an 1/8-1-4" of movement. Plus the boost controller is all the way down. I think we have found the 16gs limits on q16.


Dec 13, 2005
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
All runs would hit 32-30psi and slowly drop to 26-27..
Sounds like you need to make an investment/modification. :D

I just received my "Jusmx141" 16g 20 psi adjustable wastegate actuator, a big thanks to Jus. Cracking "pressure" with a .120" preload (i.e. 2 shim washer thickness) is right at 19-20 psi. The Mitubishi actuator with .120" preload was at 12 psi cracking pressure. Regarding the spring force rating, I didn't have time to hang weights off the actuator rod end but it is "at least" 50% greater than the Mitsubishi EVOIII 16g wastegate actuator so I have no doubt it'll clamp the internal wastegate tight, testing will show for certain.

I'll post up some pics of the actuator and once I can burn off some more 93 octane, I'll splash in some 118 octane and do some comparative logs.

2 hours later: Got back from doing a run with the "Jus" actuator on. Guys who thought the 16g dropped boost due to compressor inefficiency's I think were wrong BIGTIME. I gunned the motor at 5500 rpms in 2nd gear to get past the "big boost" range of my turbo to avoid knock and the turbo held "WAY BEYOND" 25 psi past 7000 rpms. On the Mitsubishi actuator, I could do the same thing and the boost would plummet to about 19 psi by redline. On the Jusmx141 actuator, I was so far above 25 psi by 7000 rpms my boost gauge peaked out. I will definitely need a high concentration of 118 octane to attempt testing, but I'm expecting in 3rd gear some pretty high boost being held to redline, possibly the same +25 psi I saw in 2nd gear as I can typically hold as much boost in 2nd gear as I can in 3rd. The ignition timing got pulled back so hard, in the past usually I pull +10* timing on pump gas at these boost levels, that I can't comment on power increases, but you can bet if its holding 25 psi out to redline then the power will be there. This isn't the land of pump gas anymore.


DSM Wiseman
Sep 16, 2005
Sun Valley, Nevada
I doubt it has anything to do with the wastegate at this point. The wastegates shimmed so tight that it might as well be wired shut. I'm pretty sure the compressor is maxed out at this point. Being at 4000' elevation takes its toll

We never did get any dyno time with the 16G. We pulled it off and went with an HTA68. The SBR turbo manifold took some abuse running it that hard. One of the short runners was getting messed up. The casting was melting and flaring away from the head. So we installed an FP manifold (we should've done this previously) the hta, an 1000cc injectors. Didnt mess with the tune much and the car spun to an [email protected] So we gained a good 4mph from the fp manifold and hta68. The track was bad that night and we couldn't get close to our 1.5 60s. Hopefully next time out we get the boost up a little more and tweak the tune some more.

update on link also when you get a chance.

Almost forgot about these post haha. Ill update that here in a bit.
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