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Oil dipstick keeps poping out

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


10+ Year Contributor
Jan 13, 2010
washington, Michigan
I have recently done a full tune up and head gasket and timing belt on my 1992 talon tsi the car runs great and blows no smoke but when I get on it the dipstick keeps poping out could this be a pcv valve or some kind of boost related issue?
Blowby, caused by worn compression pistons rings. Or a bad headgasket too.... I faced this situation last summer... headgasket just blew from the cylinder bore to the oil return passage in the block... engine was running great but was loosing compression in the block ( oil pan ) so giving the same results as bad rings
It's not just a worn dipstick. It sounds like you are getting serious blow-by. Causes can be a bad pcv, headgasket, and rings. Replace the pcv since that should be replaced about every third oil change at the very least. If you are able to do a leakdown test, that will almost certainly tell you where the issue is. Good luck.
Yeah my headgasket is fine it has 35 miles on it and I did a compression test after I replaced the headgasket I can't remember the results but they were good and I'm gonna go buy a new pcv valve today.
I would only purchase the OEM pcv, not parts store ones. While you're at it, just buy a new dipstick, too.
A compression test is not the same as a leakdown test. You can have good compression and yet have serious blow-by. That's why you use a leakdown tester, pressurize the cylinders, and listen for any hissing from the crankcase. A good way to do this is by removing the dipstick and listening there while using the tester. Try to give us more insight as to why you did the headgasket. Was it related to a problem you were having or is it just simply to be safe? Definitely replace the pcv though.
The problem happened to me.. has great compression and runs good. I found a new one and it stopped popping out.. or just get some and tape it down if u want.
Hey well what happens if you messed up on the head gasket? Ha just saying always a possibility, right?
I would also suggest to anyone to get the us plastics check valve as the stock one is NOTHING you might as well be without one.

If you don't believe me use a air compressor and blow it blow directions. You will around the same airflow no matter what way you blow it threw.
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