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Please Support ExtremePSI
Please Support ExtremePSI

New Product! Action Camera from John Freund Racing


Supporting Vendor
Aug 15, 2003
Herndon, Virginia
Announcing a new product - Action Camera!

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Yes, it is probably the lamest name I could have come up with, but like my company name you immediately know what it is about. The Action Camera is a motorsports focused camera system designed to address all the shortcomings of typical off the shelf action cameras on the market.
  • annoying batteries that you forget to charge or they simply die unexpectedly
  • manual start/stop recording
  • no file timestamps
  • annoying tiny and difficult to reach microSD cards
  • no more recording when you've filled up your storage
  • fisheye lenses
  • microphones that pick wind noise

So many reasons why GoPro, Yi, and similar camera offerings really don't cut it for motorsports. My Action Camera grew out of my PiLink and DMS systems but has grown to become its own device. Here are the key features:

  • Runs off 12V power - No more batteries! Starts recording within 30 seconds when you start your car, and stops when you turn it off.
  • Always-On Recording - like a dashcam, but without the fish-eye lens. Rolls footage in 10 minute blocks without footage loss. Records over oldest footage when the drive is filled. Manual mode can be enabled if you prefer to start/stop recording via a switch, or connected to another device like an ECU or RaceCapture Pro for triggering.
  • Stores on a USB Drive - for quick and easy removal from your car. 16GB storage included stores up to 150min of rolling footage. System rotates over existing files, and when at capacity will record over the oldest file so you never run out of space. User can switch to a larger drive if needed. A USB Extension can be used to relocate the USB port anywhere you like!
  • External microphone - move the microphone wherever you like so that it is out of the wind. Get clear sound. Includes 3D printed clip with 3M mounting tape to secure to your dash.
  • GoPro Hero 3 quality - 1080p 8MP at 30fps with a 66 degree FOV lens, no fisheye here. Might be better, I just only compared it to my two old Hero 3 cameras.
  • Timestamps on video files - Thanks to the real time clock in the Action Camera system your video files are saved with accurate timestamps so you know when they were taken.
  • LED Status Indicator - Orange LED indicating system status, letting you know when it's recording. Can be mounted in the main unit case or externally like on your dash.
  • Streaming Mode - Simultaneously record and live stream to YouTube or Facebook! Requires internet connectivity through something like a cellular hotspot. Note - Streaming is coupled with video recording, and when connectivity is lost to the internet video recording is also interrupted. The system does automatically attempt to reconnect and if it does both streaming and video recording are resumed. Bitrate is configurable (unlike some competitors with static low bitrates).
  • Live Preview Mode - View the live camera feed remotely from a phone or computer to assist with proper aiming of your Action Camera.
  • Hotspot and WiFi Access - Enable an automatic Hotspot when away from home, and connects to home WiFi when in range for easy access. Web File server for downloading files wirelessly as well as a Media Server for easy playback from your home or laptop wherever you are!
  • Dedicated Power Management - Designed to protect your file system from corruption (other Pi-based systems ignore this key design feature leading to corrupted microSD and USB cards!). Automatically closes and saves video files when shutting down without draining your car's battery excessively.
  • Multiple Mounting Styles and Orientations - Both GoPro and RAM style mounting are available, along with mount brackets for roll cages and flat surfaces. If you want something not seen here, reach out and we can talk about customizing your Action Camera.
  • Replaceable Lens Protector - Lexan lens cover unscrews for easy replacement (reach out to me for replacement covers).
  • File and DLNA servers - Access your videos for downloading or direct viewing from any device, including your phone, when connected to your Action Camera's hotspot or the same shared WiFi.
  • Easy updates - Just place system updates on your USB drive, insert into your Action Camera, and start it up and updates will apply automatically.
  • Email notifications - can email you when the clock battery has died or there has been an issue applying an update.
  • Automated Video Repair - Should a file not save properly the system provides an automated repair feature. By placing the corrupted video file on your USB drive in the proper directory and then inserting the drive into your Action Camera, upon startup the system will automatically repair the file, and let you know when it's complete via the status LED.
If you've worked with me before you know I like to be very up front to make sure you get exactly what you need. With that in mind there are these caveats to using my system:
  • It's a bit bulky - Unlike a nice self-contained GoPro or the like this system has two main parts: the relatively small camera and the larger main unit. So it's going to take up more space overall, but generally once you've installed this system in your car you are only going to see the small camera, and you won't need to touch anything other than taking the USB drive out of your car.
  • Video quality is not as high as current gen cameras - [email protected] is good, but modern cameras are doing [email protected] now. If you must have the highest resolution and higher framerate you have no choice but to go with other systems. You will have to settle for their fisheye lenses of course

If you have any questions about the product, please do not hesitate to message me here, message me on Facebook at, or email me at [email protected].

For placing your order or simply reading a bit more about the Action Camera as well as see a few more pictures you can go to:
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