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2G NEW OWNER IN PITTSBURGH PA NEED HELP finding body shop and mechanic!!!!!


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Jun 18, 2021
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Hello my name is Ethan and I just recently bought a 99gsx in the Pittsburgh area. The car needs a lot of work around the body due to rust and proper maintenance is definitely my first priority.

I am honestly not sure where to start though, since the DSM community isn’t much of a presence here. If anyone has any information about body shops or garages that work on these types of cars, it would greatly appreciated!!! It’s been a dream of mine to own on of these pieces of history. Been in love with it since my grandfather had one. I really want to do this right and give the car the life it deserves.

Any help in the Pittsburgh area please!!!
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Nov 14, 2013
Independence, Kansas


Probationary Member
Jun 18, 2021
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I don't know if there is still very many, but this old thread shows there were at one time.
Welcome to the forum, you can't find a better DSM group that is so informative than this group here. Take some time and fill out a vehicle profile ( so we can all know what you know about it.
Happy DSMing Ethan!
Any help is always appreciated mate! Excited for this new journey.


Proven Member
May 1, 2017
Pasadena, Maryland
Rob Fig at Forced Induction Guys Inc has posted some absolutely amazing work he's done to DSMs on Facebook and IG. Not sure how he does business, I'm just speaking from what I've seen him post on his work but may be worth reaching out to. Check out the social media. He definitely does more body work and paint from what it looks like though.



Welcome Wagon
Jan 16, 2008
Wisconsin, Wisconsin
Hey man look up eat sleep dsm on fb. Its a your area tri state member place ran by aj, Kurt Barnes is a member as well. Im sure im missi g about 20 other prominent names but they should be able to help you if u need mechanical assistance.

Here on tuners we have 20 years of things you could read. Horror stories, that lead to doing it right the next time myself included we have all done stupid stuff. We have it all here

You should fill out a vehicle profile >

Make sure there plenty of pics.

You should also start a build thread with pics and posts about your progress on the car ;) ohh and more pics.

People love to follow build threads so im sure you'll get sum interest


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Mar 13, 2003
Hola amigo. Local on the east side of the city here. Also spend a lot of time in the south. Dm me. Maybe we’ll meet up at a cruise or something.

TPG tunning was still running as of a year ago. Something funky going on with their website so not sure. Nate from what I remember is the part owner and was the instructor at wyotech. I’ll possibly be corrected on that. I do know for a fact he’s helped build some of the baddest DSMs on the planet.

Eta. My avatar is sitting in front of their old shop from decades ago.
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