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Need Some Help From A Wise One

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Oct 8, 2002
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Real qucik without getting into too much detail, and boring everybody I need some help. At about 60mph or more, the steering wheel shakes and there is some pulsating in the pedals. I have a good alignment, the tires are new, balanced, the whole nine yards. Anybody have any other suggestions of what could possibly be wrong? I would like to have a start of something to check, and really don't want to have to go visit satan...

Either your rotors are warped, or your tires aren't round (don't laugh, I've seen this first hand).

Shimmy can be worn shocks, bent wheel(s), blown balljoints, out-of-round tars (you could have a bubble growing on the inside sidewall you'd never otherwise think to look for), a thrown wheel weight (out-of-balance is usually strongest around 55, and no, I can't tell you why), worn steering parts, bent suspension bit, warped rotors(s), bad alignment, improper contact patch geometry.... Best to have the highest-reputation independant front-end shop (NOT A NATIONAL FRANCHISE) in your area give it a look over, usually the mechanic can nail it with one ride. Suspension work isn't for dealer shops, which is why most of them farm it out anyway. It takes a certain-minded mechanic to specialize in suspension, and the ones who are good at it tend to settle there and make a career of it.

And if it wasn't like a ride through hell, the dealers probably wouldn't be called Satan. If you have one near you -I think there are three that are alright- that doesn't just SUCK because they don't know shit about DSMs and how they need to be worked on, and don't want to know, then you're extremely lucky. I know the one that worked on mine destroyed a radiator (replaced it with a radiator for an automatic), left bolts out of a timing belt job, and destroyed the pressure sensor INSIDE the AC compressor by ripping its wires out by the roots instead of unplugging the goddamned wiring harness. They've not seen the car since I got ownership, and will never again. With luck, I'll not meet them, and not go to jail for it.
I'm almost positive it has something to do with my rotors, but wasn't sure...

On another note:
If you had a dealer like the one in my area you would call them satan too. They deal with Porsche, Audi, VW, and Mitsubishi. They hate Mitsubishi. I don't know why they have a Mitsu lease, but they do. Countless times I've needed parts, a recall or two, etc. I had a CV joint recall notice come through where it needed looked at to see if mine had the error and the EARLIEST they got me in there was three and a half weeks. And you know what? Evertime I call I get put on hold until someone feels like getting it. I waited it out just to see how long it was, and 35 minutes was the longest wait. That was before parts ever picked up. However, if you call for something German, you're considered a 5 star individual. If you drive a DSM, they could care less. In my opinion, they are satan. If you don't want to help me because I call the dealer in my area satan and becuase your a dealer tech, then fine. There are plenty of other people out here that are just as knowlegable/willing to help somebody out with no strings attached.:dsm:
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