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ECUflash Need help with fuel trims/02 issues logs -Evoscan/ecuflash


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Jul 7, 2003
New Port Richey, Florida
OK I been searching for a answer to my problems with my fuel trims.

Over the past 2 days I been trying to change the deadtimes to get correct fuel trims.

Here what I'm working with



AFI 1200cc injectors

evoscan 2.7

aem wideband o2 (logged)

ok my setting are as follows

injector scaling set at 739cc

battery comp table

me and ceddy came up with these settings. I tuned WOT 1st and 739cc is what made the wideband match fuel map of 11.2 on 100+ load

Now here are my problems. The car will not start when warm sometimes without hitting gas pedal. The car is shuddering on cruise and part throttle off boost and bad gas mileage.

I included some logs. I been playing with the deadtime settings so ignore that in the last 2 logs.

My wideband is reading lean on idle in the 19's. I can't tell if my front 02 sensor is working correctly but thats logged in logs 2 and 3. Coolant temp doesn't change outcome of wideband 02 reading or fuel trims.

I also wired in the temp sensor for the SD setup but didn't plug that in, could that wired into the wire causing this problem?

I have a small leak before 02 sensor at end of downpipe. I fixed 02 housing leak no change. Also cant add timing uptop or get knock above 20psi with meth/water inj.

I tried different dead-times going by 60% larger theory and car ran better but thru CEL for fuel trim malfunction bank 1. And of course the fuel trims where way off at 12. The car also didn't smell like unburnt gas. All the time is smells on the other settings. The car also idled great and smelled better and wasnt so lumpy.

Can someone look at all three and tell me whats wrong?

WOT is dead on no matter what changes I made to deadtimes.

ty all mods are upto date

the wideband reads lean or no numbers at all just --- most of the time I drive around.




check my whole rom for any problems everywhere even mods and DTC settings.


  • LOG1.csv
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  • LOG 2.csv
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  • LOG 3.csv
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  • Kendel_4-20550011-mod-1v9Cb-MAF-BigMaps.hex
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  • 20550011.xml
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