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My weekend sucked

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Mar 20, 2002
alright i have to vent about how bad this weekend was. Friday started off good, met up with friend, planned for carlisle, and spent some time on the town with my girlfriend. Saturday is when it all went down hill. After walking around carlisle i get this really bad burning sensation and started to feel sick, you guessed it, I got sun poisoning.:barf: While drving home later that night a get a phone call, its my friend ben (who owns a pimped out talon), he was stuck on the side of the road and his car died on him. So i had to do alittle back tracking which made the trip even longer. Once back home i go out with my girlfriend and go back to her house. She offer to drive me home at 1 in the morning and on the way to my house a big ass black bear runs out in front of us. I did something to my leg but i was more worried about my girlfriend. She was really shook up and so was I. I was so pissed i got out of the car and started running towards where the bear landed screaming my head off. I finally got her calmed down and we started to drive to my house. On this back road i finally get her calmed down and we hear something hit the car. She freaked again and started crying. She was scared beyond belief. When we got to my house i told her to stay the night with me cause i didnt want her driving alone. So the night ended with my girlfiend in my bed wiht my arms around her watching jackass the movie. Now today im just trying to recover for the wicked sun burn i got. Sorry for the vent i just need to get out how much it sucked except of teh sleeping with my girlfriend. whoooo thats good to get out ;)


20+ Year Contributor
Nov 26, 2001
Aurora, Colorado
Originally posted by ryan2987
So the night ended with my girlfiend in my bed wiht my arms around her watching jackass the movie.

And this is a bad thing? j/k sorry about your shitty weekend. at least all is good now.


20+ Year Contributor
Oct 28, 2002
yeah that sucks but i had to ride up to carlisle with my friend because my car is still in the body shop.......they told me it would be done for carlisle but the only thing they got done so far is the rear bumper molded..........and on friday we got to the show about 5:30 and left about 6:30 and got rear ended right outside the gate in front of the registration area........then on saturday when we pull in we were trying to park and hit a big ass pothole in the grass and cracked his side skirt on the driver side........he just got the car out of the bodyshop last saturday and the body shop had it for two weeks because they molded his whole kit and repainted his car and it just cost him two the rear bumper is goin to cost about 400 dollars to fix and i have no idea about the side skirt yet.......


20+ Year Contributor
Nov 7, 2002
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
im feeling the sun poisoning too man..oh and did you ever find out what happened to bens car?..hopefuly it didnt decide to walk on him..i still dont care that i didnt have a camera,food,water or my car with me it was still one of the best weekends of this year so far..but at least you ended up with your girl and you together watching jackass..its usualy just me and hand-gela watching red shoe diaries together..:( oh and mickblack that sucks about your going with the drift kit now that i saw it in person at the really influenced me to get it..sure its rice but i just keep telling myself its to help benefit the fmic..LOL..:)


20+ Year Contributor
Aug 14, 2002
dude, sorry about your weekend, but i can assure you mine sucked even more. On friday i went to the ataris conert with my girlfriend (which sucked by the way) and i guess she kind of got pissed at me becuase i was a little distant that day, so i pretty much just dropped her off right after the concert. On saturday, i call her adn shes like "i have to go, i'll call you back later". So, to pass the time, i take a 20 min drive to see a friend who lives out in the middle of no where. Anyway, me and my friend go to this party which SUCKED, and to top that all off, i parked on grass, and someone peeled out with a 4x4 and put mud ALL over my newly cleaned, polished, and waxed baby. So, i start to drive home still waiting for my girlfriend to call, but she never does. On sunday, i get a call from her telling me that she doesn't want to go out with me anymore.
atleast you still have a girlfriend! sorry for whoring your thread


Banned Member
Mar 3, 2003
Originally posted by herostar
not to sound stupid..., but what exactly is "sun poisoning"?
sun poisoning is like really bad sun burn.... you skin absorbs the sun too much and builds up whatever chemical too high and you get poisoned


20+ Year Contributor
Mar 10, 2003
Fairfax, Virginia
I'd be more astounded than mad if a bear ran infront of the car, I'd yell my head off like you did if it was another dumbass deer that likes to commit suicide and hop infront of cars.


20+ Year Contributor
Mar 20, 2002
Its funny because the bear ran out of my friend brads backyard and i found out and sunday that a bunch of them were camping in his yard getting drunk. Some reason the bear passed them and ran in front of us. Im still alittle skechy about drivng the country roads to my house at night
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