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My Street S197 Mustang.

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

I know you will get that WOT lined out then I want to see some video. Turbo V-8's are awesome. My son has a 5.3 LS and an 88mm turbo going into an old 1976 Skylark SR and I can't wait to see what that is going to do. It will be a year before he gets that far so I will be following your progress and enthusiasm! :thumb:
Thank you. I am currently tuning it on the factory ECU as I need a proper engine wiring harness built for my AEM ECU. The Ford Copperhead ECU is no joke tuning haha. Has like 14+ spark timing tables and a whole plethora of stuff waiting for you to screw up. Makes the DSM ECU seem like a lego toy in comparison. It's running great part throttle and dialing in the WOT. I have it on gate...3psi on pump gas so I have a little margin of error. as I figure it out

100% facts here. I have a similarly powerful ECU in the edge, and honestly I didn't even bother trying to learn it. I just paid a company for their tune and went. The amount of maps, inputs, and formulas it uses are straight ridiculous. Honestly if you could create an easy to use interface that would do all of it for you, you could make an absolutely KILLER standalone out of it to sell to other platforms. It's insane. The SD alone is an absolute marvel of engineering, and the fuel maps that auto adjust based on the slightest of inputs combats knock like a champ. The Edge practically tunes itself for whatever fuel it's running and whatever conditions are outside.
Just want to update this. So, I have been tuning the Mustang on the stock ECU but I parked it about a couple months ago because it has some smoking going on during idle and decel so I will be doing the valve stem seals. Yes, I have been kicking myself everyday for not doing that when the heads were off when I did the valvesprings. Otherwise, car was running real good and was right around 700rwhp'ish per the Dragy run I did. I had it tuned on an E30 blend and 10-11psi boost max because I was maxxed on the 52lb/hr injectors that I borrowed from my truck. The FIC 2150ccs are back in it though (needed serviced) and they are dialed so whenever I get it back together (valvestem seals on this is quite the job, front cover has to come off and so do all the cams etc) I will tune it on E85 and turn the boost up. Should be nasty. Just dragging my feet on it at the moment taking it apart LOL. I also put Magnaflow streets on it because it was just too freaking loud and popping and gargling everywhere with the Roush axleback mufflers I had before. My neighbors also don't have to kill me during those cold start idles.

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