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My first DSM build thread


Probationary Member
Mar 20, 2008
Bayside, New_York
So, today I purchased my first DSM, a 1993 Eclipse GSX AWD. It only has 87,600 miles on it and its super mint! I am the third owner. The gentleman who sold me the vehicle purchased it in 2007 from Ebay and he only put 800 miles on it in the six years he owned it. The original owner was a very old woman who was meticulous with the maintenance and record keeping. I have receipts of tune ups and oil changes dating back to 1993! It was garage kept and has no rust or grime anywhere. It is basically stock and I intend to keep it that way but I do intend to slap on the 16g from my galant. I have verified it has the 4 bolt rear but I have not yet figured out if it has a 6 or 7 bolt engine. :pray: for 6 I know you can tell by the oil pan so I tried snapping a quick pic but I was so exhausted once I got the car to the shop that I figured I would check tomorrow. But if anyone can tell from the oil pan pic let me know!

Compared to the galant I really like the feel of sitting in this car. I feel like I am in a cockpit! I think its just how the seats sit low and the center console is relatively high up and then how the dash board wraps around. It somewhat reminds me of my uncle's 3000gt in this aspect.

So far these are the problems I am encountering... some are more of an inconvenience then others.

1. Passenger side door lock is sticky and won't unlock. I was able to get it to once but not again.

2. The struts for the hatch won't hold the hatch open.

3. A little bit of flaking paint on the window trim of the driver side door.

4. An idle surge - only occurs when the car is just started. Once I put it in drive it stops. If I put it into park it surges again.

5. It wont hold a charge. If I give it a boost and start it up it will stay running for a while but if I put on the highbeams it will shut the car off. The windshield wipers move really slow and so do the windows. I am unsure if this is the battery or the alternator. I will check the voltages tomorrow.

6. The Viper alarm/auto start is not working.

7. The brakes make some noise due to the car's inactivity since 2007.

8. The interior is TOO MINT for me to sit in it...


If the alternator ends up being shot, can I use the one from the galant for the time being?


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Probationary Member
Jan 15, 2013
surprise, Arizona
1. sprayed WD 40 in a lot
2. replace the struts
make sure that output on the alt. Is the same.


Supporting VIP
Jun 29, 2003
Luthersville Ga, Atlanta, Georgia
Welcome to the DSM world The car is very nice good starter. There's plenty of information on these board on these cars for you to take the car to levels of insanity. Enjoy:thumb:


Probationary Member
Mar 20, 2008
Bayside, New_York
My ECU is not an EPROM so I would like to know if I can use the ECU out of my galant which I have ECMLink V3 in already.

So after thinking about it over a round of golf today I have come up with the following...

Originally I was planning to buy an auto car to use as a donor for parts and just sell the shell. But since I found this GSX in such great condition I have a new plan. I am going to swap the auto into the galant since I am going to go haam on that build with a goal of 800awhp MAX on e85. I will also put the 5 speed and the 16g from the VR4 into the GSX.

So here is my current plan of attack for this GSX

1- Send out ECU & TCU for servicing

2- 1990 OFH + Oil cooler + Oil Pressure Gauge

3- Trans Cooler + Filter + Trans Temp Gauge

4- Pull my brand new NGK BPR7ES out of the galant (galant will be getting sparktech COP)

5- Pull the ported Big evo3 16g, ported o2 housing, evo9 pump + injectors, 482 MAS. Also buy a FP DSM mani and coat it. (vr4 gets id2000, 400lph walbro, TS efr 8374, TS JMF manifold, speed density)

6- install braided lines everywhere

7- fuel pump rewire

8- debating whether or not I want to tint the windows. Would probably do limo quarter windows and hatch, and 35% on fronts.

9- any more suggestions?


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Proven Member
Jun 13, 2005
Lexington, North_Carolina
If I was you I would not change anything on this car. It will be a very sought after car in the future if you leave it in factory condition. Does it run good, if so don't change it. I wouldn't even change the turbo if the factory one is still in good running condition. Just my 2 cents. Very nice find!


Probationary Member
Mar 20, 2008
Bayside, New_York
I am going to update certain things and keep it OEM but there are certain things that have been advanced in the past 20 years since this car was created and I fully intend in implementing these things. Off the top of my head this is where I think I am going with this car. Definitely keeping the exhaust stock :)

-3g lifters
-3g mas
-evo pump/injectors
-galant alternator 90A
-evo3 16g turbo/manifold
-ECMLink V3 Lite w/ LC1 hardwired
-1990 OFH + external cooler
-oil pressure gauge
-Gates kevlar belt
-5 speed swap with evo3 5th gear and 4spyder center


Proven Member
Apr 15, 2013
Howell, Michigan
Exhaust manifold doesn't look stock to me. Sure the turbo is?

I wouldn't personally go down the road to ruin of taking both cars apart...


Proven Member
Feb 24, 2013
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
yeah neither does the o2 housing and that turbo looks rather large to be stock


Probationary Member
Mar 20, 2008
Bayside, New_York
Yes, I apologize! I've been working 70+ hour weeks and I drove out to get this car too. I was so exhausted that I forgot to mention details of certain things. Lol please excuse me.

The PO told me that the exh manifold had cracked so he looked online to replace it and apparently the advice he found was to buy a kit with an o2 housing and downpipe. I was hoping someone recognized the kit so I could know what I'm working with. The turbo is a TD04HL which I believe is the big 13G which came stock on 1G AWD Auto's.

So this is the list of things the PO gave to me.

New wheels and tires and alignment, balance
Timing belt
Front drilled rotors
Camshaft seals
Valve cover gasket
Water pump
Front axle shaft assembly left and right
Exhaust manifold
Spark plugs
CV joints (half shafts)
O2 sensor
Radiator hose
Crankshaft seal
New radiator and cap
New brake pads
Power steering seal kit
Pcv valve
OEM calipers
PS hose
All new belts
Hydraulic tensioner
O2 housing
Trans filter and fluid
Headlamp bulbs
Viper Auto start


Proven Member
Jan 28, 2003
Dirty, New_Jersey
So you bought it? I've been eyeing it on craigslist for a few months. It is very clean indeed. Congratulations. :thumbs:

Just curious,how much did you end up picking it up for? I hope you used the idle surge, weak alternator, and chipping paint to your advantage.
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