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My AWD dsm got towed - Enter

Posted by Black_Bullet, Oct 1, 2008

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  1. VETTE_50_TH

    VETTE_50_TH Proven Member

    Joined Jun 24, 2004
    Columbus, Ohio
    Pray to god that there is some type of surveillance system at the campus. Only way you will be able to prove anything.

    James :laser::talon:

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    1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    manual · 2G DSM
  2. T9S1i

    T9S1i Proven Member

    Joined Dec 16, 2004
    San Francisco, California
    so was the tow rightful in the first place? You said you bought a 24 hour pass and parked for 2 hours and the car was gone. I would also that they shouldnt have towed you in the first place. They ignored your pass, incorrectly towed your car, now your tires are out of balance and since its an awd they need to replace ALL of your tires so they are the same size and will wear evenly. When you picked up the car you didnt notice the flat spots because they were parked on the flat spots, and once you drove it, now you noticed the clutch is slipping!!! you need a clutch and money to get it installed.

    Pretty much they need to make you whole for their mistakes. Look into video at the campus and keep all the info you can, and take many many pictures of skid marks and all. Keep the parking pass and see if you can get some kind of timestamp as to when you bought the pass and when your car was towed.

    Good luck and keep us informed. I hate situations like this.

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    1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    12.815 @ 106.450 · 1G DSM
  3. dazzellerr

    dazzellerr Proven Member

    Joined Dec 15, 2007
    boise, Idaho
    yeah, i forgot about the use of dollies. i asked my dispatcher about the situation. she said that the drivers know which cars are fwd, rwd, awd, ect and if the car is parked front first and is a fwd or awd, they always use dollies. now, not defending the towing outfit you are dealing with here at all, they might be dumbasses, but our company knows what they are doing.
    seems to me you are trying to get something for nothing. you parked illegally, they towed. you took your car out of the lot without inspecting things, probably signed on the dotted line, and left. in that case, you do not have a leg to stand on. as for the tires, sh** son, look at them, worn down to the wearbars, shot as sh** to begin with. no company or judge will say you deserve new tires when the ones you had would not have passed any kind fo inspection to begin with. they legally were not safe to drive on in the eyes of any inspector.
    as for the exposed cords, they could have used dollies, and your tires could have hung too low in between them causing them to slightly rub on the ground at certain times during the tow. the wear marks are obviously not from dragging it a few feet, but more like at least a few blocks. does it warrent a new set of tires, no. should some money come to you, yes, they should refund you the cost of the tow.
    get your car inspected by an actual mechanic that you do not know and you are not buddies with and see if there is any damage from the tow or just from normal wear and tear.

    like i said, not defending the tow outfit, nor am i standing by your side on this. but i do think you are trying to get something for nothing here.
  4. Black_Bullet

    Black_Bullet Proven Member

    Joined Aug 22, 2007
    Brandon, Florida
    I am looking into that tommorow... For all I know I can catch them in the act of doing something else I didnt know about.

    No technically I was in the wrong because the space wasnt technically a "visitor space" like the one next to it even though they dont have signs or much direction/ instruction on how to park out there... The tow truck business is on a contract to just snatch up peoples car in any kind of violation no matter how innocent or retarded it may be. Ive recently learned they are getting cars like hot cakes out there, it kind of reminds me like a speed trap that cops use to get people. Therefore what ive concluded to is Im never going back there again and I will be much more mindful parking my car and Ive also realized that when I get some extra money to play with in the future I am going to put a pager alarm on my car. The kind that beeps you on your cell phone and your keychain to let you know somethings going on with your car. In that case I wouldve ran outside and caught them in the act and stopped them from towing my car.

    Fvck this money hungry society, at least karma can be a bi*** too...

    I understand what your saying, but I disagree with you saying the tires were already sh**.
    Maybe the picture just makes it look like that, but those tires still had a GOOD 4-6 months of daily driving left in them.

    I also dont think I am trying to get something for nothing here. I think its just easy for you to say that in your position since it wasnt YOUR dsm in the situation and also since you work for a tow company.
    Now your input is valued, and you are just speaking the truth, but from my perspective I see it like, fine I paid the towing fee's for improperly parking, but I DONT deserve to have my car damaged from an improper tow.
    You cant just damage someone property from negligence and have no responsibility for it.
    Its just unfortunant that the law has so many unfair loop holes that actually defend the person in the wrong.

    Now I will admit I fvcked up and I didnt inspect my car thoroughly. Its funny because I did look at the tires, I got under the car, I popped the hood, etc but I STILL didnt see the nasty flatspots on the tires till after I got home.
    Like I said the wheel was sitting ON the flatspots at the time I looked at it, plus the tires were covered in like white dust from the dirt it was dragged on.
    I did sign the release form for my car, though it didnt have anything on it with fine print regarding damages, it just had a box towards the bottom for driver/ vehicle owner notes and even if they tried to use that against me, its wack because I had to sign that for them to open the gate and me to get my car out anyways, so say there was a drivetrain problem I wouldnt have known till I drove off either way.

    But say I can get the secruity camera's proof they were improperly towing my car, can I actually do something about it in that sense? I mean the damage to the tires is evident that it was dragged x number of miles because from the looks it of it, this shiesty money hungry tow truck company wont own up to anything...

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    1992 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo AWD
    manual · 1G DSM

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