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2G MSD DIS II Install

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

MSD DIS II Install on a 95 2G;

Parts and tools

MSD DIS II and Tach Adaptor

Knife or razor to cut the loom and tape.

Various Metric Sockets

Electrical tape

Solder + Solering Iron

Shrink Tube

Tie Straps

1)Verify you have everything and have ample time to complete this installation if you do not have time to finish it properly don't bother starting.

2) Locate where you plan to mount the MSD DIS II box. I purchased mine from DSMJIM and it had a nifty bracket already installed to slide under your front strut tower brace mount. You will see it in the pictures.

3)Disconnect the battery before starting and remove it if you wish to have a little more room.

4)Now we need to locate your coil pack and coil harness. Find it and Cut the plug off the harness I chose the ECU side so I can still remove the coils. I cut it about 3" from the plug to give myself room to work.

5)Now we will begin the wiring mine came with the tach adaptor pre wired so I didn't have to work on it and thus no faq for it but I have posted the MSD diagram that clearly shows how the adaptor is wired in.

6) Next is the actual wiring into the car. Fist off Strip the wires back from the plug and begin soldering not forgetting the shrink tube. The wires you want are (95) maybe different on yours but keep in mind it doesn't matter you just need the positive and the triggers. The larger wire in the middle is the positive and we can start there. On the COIL side take your two Brown/Orange wires and solder them to the Black/White wire. Now you have 2 left on the coil pack on the 95 one Blue/Red One Blue/Black I connected the Blue/red to the Brown/Green of the MSD harness and the Blue/Black to the Brown/White of the MSD harness completing the coil side.

7)The ECU side the same but different the only thing you must keep straight here is the coil triggers making sure that you match them correctly as you can see I used the brown/green on the blue/red of my car's harness now match the GREEN to the blue/red of the cars harness and the WHITE to the Blue/Black of the harness. The triggers are noe done leaving you with 2 red wires which go to the Black/White wire. Thats it the hard wiring is all done and you are ready to go.

8)Now have a look at everything make sure the shrink tube is good and that everything is water and weather tight and begin to tie the harness down and make it look nice.

9)Mount the Tach adaptor where you like I chose the fire wall and just tapped 2 1/4" bolt holes into it to hold the adaptor and it fits nice on that flat spot.

10)Now securely and perminatley mount the ignition box.

11) Replace your battery wires and proceed to hook up the main MSD box power and ground found on the OPPOSITE side of the main harness.

12)Now you need to check the dip switches before starting and you will be consulting the manual for this.

You are still scratching your head I have 2 wires left a blue and a brown, the control the ignition cut out the brown and the 2 step the blue either grounded activate their effect. I will post a follow up of the 2 step button install soon.


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Some More Pictures. That is pretty much it if anyone needs futher explaination or wants to add to this feel free.


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