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Modified Import Repairs Tennessee, Pros and Cons


Proven Member
Feb 6, 2014
Clarksville, Tennessee
I recently had a bottom end and head build through strickly import motors, and returned to TN pieced the engine together, my first dsm build, although Ive worked on aircraft for 10yrs give or tae a yr. after getting the engine read for a base tune, I searched every where for a tuner and could only find two in my area( Carksville/Nashville, TN) I called the guy up Thomas Lewis, and spoke with him over the phone; I was quoted a few hundred dollars to do the tune. So I load my car up and take it over to Modified Import Repairs, and he refused to tune it because it was being engine controlled by apexi safc II and a maf translator with gm maf, and insisted I get a 95 ecu and dsmlink with speed density before he would tune it, and was suggested to epoxy the meth injection nozzle on my intake for, it was screwed in but ok, whatever cool. Ive got the time lost my job... So I take the car home order all the pars request(4 bar map, iat sensor, 95 ecu, dsm link, innercooler piping, install all of them, but couldn't find an aluminum welder at the time so I jb welded and quick steeled the bung on the intake for the iat sensor, to get a base tune so I can make it to my next job. I sold all the parts I removed and called Modified Import Repairs up and speak to Thomas Lewis again. He tells me he can give me an quote this time because he doesn't know what been done to the car(where I said Ive wired everything and can stand there and tell you whatever you need to know), and says he wont charge me over 3hrs of labor, which changed to one hr after talking in person at the time of drop off. So I leave the car there over night and call in the morning an he tells me he cant tune it because it has the cold weld for the iat bung, and because it has a fiav bypass, and I need to return it to stock and have the bung welded. so what did I do I did all if that, and learn how to tune, but before I started to update or back date the car, I find issues like thin oil, and later a CLUTH FORK that has been pressed so hard it over road the bearing, a big hell no in the dsm 7 bolt world from what Ive learned.

The bottom line is this guys cant be trusted in my opinion, and The logic behind his methods is personal and not professional, I think the pride in his works comes form simplicity and claiming other people achievements. This last statement was personal.
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