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Mod the Laser, or buy another car?

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Nov 24, 2002
Cardington, Ohio
ok, this is the story.

my mom wants me to move with her and my sister to a location about 3 hours away from where I'm at now. i told her the only way I would is if she paid to get my laser to PERFECT condition.

so she decides she wants to take her retirement money out from her current job, and give me and my sister $6000 each to do whatever we want with. OMG

now here's my choices:

Option 1: finish fixing the laser, then mod it. to properly fix it, i need a new shortblock so i can race it, since one of my bolt holes is broke off the bottom of it, the one near the slave cylinder. after i fix that, i can mod the hell out of it with whatever i have left. i do my own work, so i will have a lot of money left.

Option 2: keep my laser as my daily driver, and buy a different car (sporty non-dsm) to eventually build up. probably a 300zx, 240sx, rx-7, mr-2, supra, or celica all-trac. :thumb:

Option 3: sell the laser and buy a Spyder (hopefully GS-T, but i'll settle for a N/T)

HELP ME!!! what would you do if you were in my shoes? and please dont respond with something like "you can always give me the money" or "give me the laser" etc. i want people's HONEST opinion.

thanks. :thumb:

*also, if you have had to make a choice like this, feel free to tell about it, what choice you made, and if you were happy with that choice.

i have a couple weeks to think about this, so get the replies coming so i know what to do and start lookin...for another car, or for performance parts for the laser. :cool:
My mom handed me 8g's and told me to go turbo car shopping because she knew that me modding my 1998 eclipse (GS/NT) wouldnt get me the speeds i wanted. So i bought the talon i got for a lil under 6... Put 500 bucks into it to replace every set of breaks on it and then the oil and the regular maitance, then getting the seal replaced that broke (dam turbo cars).

I would seriously buy a beater car and throw your car up on some blocks and get to fawkin workin. Thats my honest opinion.

Im tryin to sell my beater car right now so i can have mod money...
Soon as i got that sold ill have cash to do shit but as of right now i got NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also ... if you went turbo bro.. then back from turbo.. (trust me i got both). It hurts to drive your NT (if u got a spyder n/t) it will feel like a slug!
i was just about to PM you...where's Scott been? i haven't seen him on here for about 4 or 5 days.

btw, thanks for the opinion. i know what you mean by fast car to slow car. driving my mom's car is already bad, but i just rode in a spyder, and i'm now in love with them. the looks from the hotties are priceless. :thumb:
I can truely say that i got no idea where he is actually.

Ive called his phone a couple times to tell him about my soon to be mods and ask a couple questions but i aint seen him sense....
that sucks. i was just about to message him about my thread (this one) but he wasn't on. then i realized i haven't talked to him since before i went to Cedar Point on saturday.

hope he's ok...:(
My parents are moving to Idaho and want me to come and I told them only if they buy me an engine for my tsi and they said no so Im staying.

I say you keep the laser as your daiily driver and buy a 1g awd for like 2-3 thousand and put the of money into it.
Thats what Im doing, except I dont have the money.!!!:mad:
id sell the laser, get a 2G GSX.. or spyder GST since you like them but AWD rocks =)
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