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Might be quiting DSMs...


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Mar 22, 2009
H-Town, Texas
Why dont you just convert it to a jdm talon and you can fit in with hondas to. :rolleyes:


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Mar 25, 2009
South Jersey, New_Jersey
There is nothing in this world that you cant fix bro, dedicate some time to it and read up. We may come off as dicks, some of us are... But remember this, if you didn't have dicks, who would #### the ####ies and assholes? (Team America World Police FTW!)

In all seriousness though man, just look into it, read up and go from there. Try to do some research and see if there is a good knowledgeable DSMer around your area, meet up with him and learn, its what we all had to do. Come on the forums, post your problems (no need for your life story, most people will rip into your because of it) and we'll drop down some knowledge and see if we can help. There are a lot of trouble shooting, installation and maintenance guides which you can look up on these forums.

Its good to see younger guys getting into these cars, I'm not old myself (only 22) but its nice to see how the torch is being passed down to keep these beautiful machines we call DSMs around.

Welcome to DSMtuners.

@ Delta448

That is possibly the most inspiring thing I've read on here... Extra #### @ you my friend, you deserve it. (Not being sarcastic either, seriously, that post is what being a DSMer is all about, we all come from different backgrounds and economical status, yet we come together as a family because of our love for these vehicles.)


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Jan 14, 2011
Findlay, Ohio
Go buy a turbo Turd Civic and tell me how many problems you have. Almost all of the problems listed were an mechanic's fault. After the car over heated and the harsh racing I'm sure a lot would go wrong with the car. What do you expect? If you want to drive a DSM you are GOING TO HAVE TO!!!!!-> pay attention to your parts. and where things could go wrong. I thought about selling mine for a slower BMW M3 but I didn't because I never loved anything as much as a DSM and they excite the heck out of me, so im choosing to purchase a very sexy 2.3 stroker DSM. If you want dependable. Get a trusty but rusty accord. HP+fun+durability= alot of money and problems. If i were you. Buy a new block off craigslist. Build your own motor and learn more about the cars and use your old parts from the old dud block.

Below Ambient

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May 24, 2003
Methford, Oregon
I say if the car pisses you off so much from everyone else working on it maybe its time to park it, then perhaps take the time to learn how to work on it yourself..

holy thread resurrection!
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