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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Trying to go back an find pictures from the build - it's a hassle. I've said this before, if it was as easy to post pictures here as it was FB, there would probably be more action.

Nothing exciting here. This was the first block I've honed. Had to narrow up the rods a bit to work with the pistons. And then the cleaned up pretty block with fresh paint and new freeze plugs. It's an eagle 100mm crank in it with arp studs, no girdle. 86.5 bore, lots of dome.




Hear is the header. I'm gonna go back and see if I can find more pictures of the flange. It's really really nice, not a crap transition flange like most have. Those suck. This takes about 2" to go from port to 1.875" OD. It's a stepped header, with big tubes and a big collector. Very close to equal length. I need to try a smaller merge on it at some point.

At this point I had the car running/driving on stock harness and a chipped eprom ecu. Car went 13.6@106 on it's only pass as a FWD. That was on my tar/chip road and it spun in 3rd a lot, and I lifted early. This was through a 1g turbo maf, and on M1.

I pulled all the stock harness out and started over. Still uses the factory fuse box under the hood. Minimal harness. Head/tail, and engine stuff, that's it. I had to make a fuel cell. This holds about 3.5qt, where the windshield washer was. Wallbro255hp, and a small screen in the pickup. Right now it's at 80%idc on 850cc injectors and M1 and seems mint. Probably gonna step it up to a 350 and more injector when I get a head done.






This is the second AWD swap I've done. This one is LIGHT. It's a mightymax rear end with custom housing ends I designed for a light weight brake kit. Uses SN95 mustang axles. Torque arm suspension design, and it bolts in to all factory locations. No holes drilled. Just have to make the trunk floor flat is all. Could possibly bash it in for clearance - it's close to fitting. I think there is a picture of my steering rack. I cut all the extra ports off and welded it all shut. I like it, need to do another for my other car someday. Note the ends of the torque arm capped off with a quarter - that's good luck, be sure to put it on right side up. Welds really nice. Also made my own driveshaft too. Will be doing some more testing and trying to get some yokes made - so we can get away from the crappy mitsu situation there. Probably have to watch on FB on that one since the nazi's will come out here if I mention it.












steering rack.jpg

At this point I basically had it finished up enough to head to the shootout. It doesn't really fit in a class and I'm not an index/bracket racer, so we entered ST32, and in the first qualifier which was the very first pass on it AWD it went 12.35@109. The air ended up being bad all weekend and I never got a better pass out of it after trying a few different things.

After the shootout I swapped the open rear diff for a spool and went back to the track. 12.15 off the trailer and second pass it went 11.99@111 after fixing a couple tune issues. I'll see if I can get video posted. Heading to import face off this weekend for All Motor Pro to see how that goes. After that time for more dyno testing and get the motor out and apart for inspection and more testing/ideas. Hope to get a ported head on it this winter with real cams and work on getting this thing down into the single digits.
I started on it 8/8 I think. I took a couple weekend vacations, went back to work full time, helped raise 2 little girls, managed a pumpkin patch, and did customer work. made it to the shootout friday just after lunch. Not too bad imo.
Went to Import Face Off this weekend at Byron Dragway to contest the All Motor Pro class. Ended up #1 qualifier, and won the class. Got a new best of [email protected] new best 60' of a 1.52! 1.4s are just around the corner. And I was also informed the car had front tires off the ground. Wild. It was very violent pass for sure. I was hoping to see it go a bit quicker, but I think the wide ratio trans and too much clutch is holding it back. Going to try and do dirt drags next weekend, but it's looking like rain all week.



It's 2350 86.5 bore and 100mm stroke. No Nitro in this. cheap rods, thin walls, cheap pistons with a big lump on them. Nope LOL.

Still a stock 6 bolt head with a Dejon tool steel smim that "won't work".
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