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Looking for a AWD or 4x4 SUV.. What is a good one to buy?


20+ Year Contributor
Feb 4, 2003
Olive Branch, Mississippi
DarthBulk said:
And has anyone here who bashes Tahoes actually owned one? Gas mileage is not that bad. I have owned Avalanches for the last 3 years, and I can tell you that I get over 18 miles per gallon on the highway. I know an Avalanche is out of the price range you stated, but a Tahoe might be in that range and is similar from a drivetrain and interior point of view. Unless you are morally opposed to the Chevy name for some reason, I would suggest looking into them...
I would also suggest that you don't be swayed by the juveniles who claim SUV owners are compensating for physical limitations, etc. That is moronic. Also, a responsible driver in ANY vehicle is much safer than some irresponsible kid in a sports is not the vehicle that makes a danger to others on the road.
Bravo, well put. My point- to the point. I guess the gas mileage really isn't any worse than you'd actually expect it to be, unless...due to propaganda your expectations are ridiculously low. But it just hurts everytime I have to fill up that big ass gas tank. I normally don't believe in filling up with anything besides premium, but that just isn't an option with the Tahoe. And they really are low on power. Not so bad to just drive around with, but when driving through the moutains with the eclipse in tow on the way out here to Cali., that Tahoe was hurtin'. Had fully loaded semi's passing me. Oh well, just something else to modify. The thing that bothered me most was it's tendency to squat under load. Tahoe's don't haul for crap. Their ass ends just throw in the flag and squat down. I don't know about the new models. But that's what I've seen with '99 and earlier. But really, that's nothing that a couple hundred dollars towards a "helper" spring set wouldn't fix.


20+ Year Contributor
Jun 24, 2002
Boston, Massachusetts
I would like to say SUVs sck.... I have had the experience with my brother's Ford Explorer, and my brother's partner's tahioe.... THEY BOTH SCK.... Unless you were to get the new Nissan Pathfinder they kinda all sck... That thing hauls...

But if you were looking for a cheap AWD, I would buy a subaru, Imprezza 2.5 RS baby!!


20+ Year Contributor
Jun 3, 2002
Winfield, Illinois
Shifty said:
GMC Typhoon, nuff said.

It's a nice little ride and fast as heck, too bad there were only 4700 of those beasts ever produced... for more info

Just depends if you need to tow anything behind your vehicle or not.

Just a quick little note back to people that have a problem with SUVs...

The original post has nothing to do with a poll whether you like SUVs or not, it has to do with asking for comments about whether to buy a certain vehicle or if there are any other suggestions out there for other all wheel drive or 4x4 vehicles to consider. If you're upset with SUVs and gas mileage, get on a different bandwagon or take up the mantra against another source such as gas guzzling luxury cars, exotic cars and against organized racing. If you go to the track, consider a little introspection first before bashing people about using a particular vehicle for business or personal use. If you're upset about SUVs and vehicle maintenance, consider your DSM and how much money you've put into maintenance on that thing. Two different types of vehicles serving two different purposes.


20+ Year Contributor
Sep 16, 2002
talontsi1996 said:
get a 1998 5.9 cherokee. Those trucks are NO JOKE! I currently own one and wouldn't trade it for the wold!

I was a breathe away from getting a 5.9 but I'll stick with my 5.2 for now. Its bad enough getting 15 mpg but its worse when you need premium like the 5.9.

I view the extra gas I buy for my suv as life insurance. I used to drive 2000 lb hyundais but its too dangerous if someone would cross in my lane and I could barely make it up my driveway(or even home) when the snow is near a foot tall. I'm the person who passes all the suvs up hills and on the highway but I couldn't bring home 4X8s in the hatch of my accent . I have 2 suvs, one is the family car. IMO, suvs are much safer than cars and worth the extra cost vs the beneifts. :rolleyes: :|


20+ Year Contributor
Oct 18, 2002
harrisburg, Pennsylvania
talontsi1996 said:
get a 1998 5.9 cherokee. Those trucks are NO JOKE! I currently own one and wouldn't trade it for the wold!

Holy thread resurrection batman! This was dead more than half a year ago!
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