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2G Light/soft gas pedal


Proven Member
Jun 10, 2012
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I searched and it seems like everybody else has the opposite issue...
My gas pedal takes hardly any pressure to depress, and I know it's not the cable adjustment or throttle body springs.
I am wondering if there is some sort of return spring that goes on the pedal itself, that is missing? I haven't looked under there yet to see what I find, but if someone knows or could check their car that would be great.

I've had over 10 cars, and probably driven hundreds, and not a single one of them had a gas pedal this soft, including the other talon I had with stock or aftermarket TB.


Supporting VIP
Jan 5, 2012
Rathdrum, Idaho
How do you "know" the tb springs are correct?

I'd put money of them being loose, one missing etc. There shouldn't be a return spring afaik, the pedal has a small fulcrum spring iirc but it isn't going to put much resistance on the system.


DSM Wiseman
Mar 13, 2016
abq, New_Mexico
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Proven Member
Feb 18, 2016
SJ, Puerto_Rico
That small spring on the pedal does barely nothing to the system (take the cable out and it's there to just hold the pedal slightly), the pedal pressure comes from the spring of the throttle return spring. If you feel it too light, your issue will be at that point of the system.


Proven Member
Jun 10, 2012
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I know because I rebuilt the throttle body myself, additionally I had the throttle body from my last Talon that had a normal feeling gas pedal, it did seem like the springs on this one were maybe a little bit weaker, so I even tried swapping the springs from my other TB and it made no difference. And yes, I wound the springs correctly. I forgot to check, but I'm betting this spring on the pedal is missing. I don't think it would take much to alter the feel of the pedal, and I don't think it would be the job of the throttle body spring to keep the pedal at non depressed height. I'll check for that spring when I fix the brake switch.


10+ Year Contributor
Nov 26, 2007
Uniontown, Ohio
TB springs can be tricky. You think you did it right, but I bet it needs to go around one more time. That is the only thing it can be. That is it's sole job... To close the throttle plate.
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