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Legnum VR-4 Member

Swap for DSM?

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Richard VR-4

Probationary Member
Nov 20, 2019
Toronto, ON_Canada
Hi ladies and gents,

I hope you accept me as I'm sneaking over to the DSM forums to get a taste...

I live in Canada which gives me the ability to drive what I'm driving now, a 1997 Legnum VR-4. Essentially an 8th generation Galant VR-4 with the 6A13TT but in wagon form.

I've owned a 1998 Eclipse GS-T as my first car and really been missing it. I rarely or never see DSM's where I am. Thinking of maybe selling the Legnum or trading it for a clean GSX... We'll see if I can be convinced by you lot. For now I'll just stalk all your builds in the background LOL

Feel free to reach out shall you wish pics below

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Nov 14, 2013
Independence, Kansas
I will welcome you!!! Love the car! If you are even enthusiastic about DSM's, you can hang out with us :thumb:
We do have a vehicle profile section for "other" vehicles. Fill it out and let us know what its all about.


Proven Member
Jan 10, 2014
Bulgaria, Europe
I love 8th gen Galants and VR-4s especially. Had the opportunity to test drive a Legnum once, loved the instant spool on the twins and AYC kicking in on hard corners. My brother also owned 2 8th gen galants, a 2.4 GDI and a 2.5 6A13 N/A, so I'm quite fond of Galants in general.

That said, the DSM is my favorite car, so I'd initially say trade it in. However, the Galant, in my opinion, is the best looking sedan/wagon, at least for its time, and I'd go so far to say that VR-4s especially are rarer than turbo DSMs. Stock for stock, a VR-4 would rip a GSX in half. The Legnum would also offer you way more practicality, you can use the 'family car' excuse if that need ever arises, and you can still easily find parts for those.

So, with all that said, I'd say keep the Legnum, and maybe, if you can, try to squeeze in a DSM as a second/project car. There's no reason why both couldn't coexist, altho you'd need to have 2 sets of jackstands handy because, well, we all know why :shhh::p


Proven Member
Feb 9, 2019
Welcome to the forums! :D

If you decide to pick up another Eclipse you have my full support! But I must say, your wagon is very clean! I can't see any imperfections from the pictures.

Either way, you have found a very useful resource and I hope you continue to use it. :thumb:
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