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Kinetic motor sport FMIC kit

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Dec 15, 2002
I just recived my intercooler kit from Kinetics. I have nothing but great things to say about this company. They had awsome customer service. They shipped it right when they said they would. Quailty is awsome. The welds are so clean. Looks really really nice. Im so pleased with this kit. While others pay 1200 + USD for there full kits. I only payed 1200 CND, tax and shipped. As I said before, I just couldnt be happier with this. I would recomend this company to everyone:thumb:
The pics of the it on the site dont do any justice to the kit. I have some others on my comp. If you want give me your email addy and i will send them over. As I said before Im so happy with it:D
No fitment issues. You dont have to do anything different then with any other front mount. But it bolts right up. Its pretty big also. 24x12x3.5 core size. But it looks so nice, and the quailty is first rate.:thumb:

Ill send those pics to you:thumb:
Guy in my area has it, and it is very nice.

He is running a Frank 3 with big boost, and after a run on the 1320, it is COLD not warm, not sorta cold but COLD to the touch. As is the throttle body.

Nice unit.

He also reports very small knock counts, and he is running insanely small injectors for this setup.
I love this kit.:thumb:

All I did. Whs hack most of the center of the rebar. Only left a little on each side. That way the bumper cover has somthing to bolt to. I just used a sawzall. took maybe 10 min to cut. Then you have to enlarge two holes for the pipes that are welded on the cooler to go through. Took about 15 min. Then the power steering coolin line has to be placed behind the the center rad support. Instead of in front of it. Then just bolt it on, and put the pipes on. The kit came with everyhting needed really. Larger throttle body elbow (bigger then 2g unit) hard pipes, silicone connectors, and t claps.
If someone local is willing to donate a "test car" I could have the 2nd gen kit ready in a couple of weeks......
I am the guy who runs "insanely small injectors" :thumb: The kit IS first rate. I run ZERO knock on 94oct gas at 20PSI, at the track last weekend I ran 22+ Psi with NO knock on a shit mix of 116/94oct and a new best time of [email protected]. Anyone who needs a FMIC (dont we all?) should buy this.

btw-the 510cc`s will last for a while, when I knock off an 11 I will break down and get the 660s. mmmkay? Its all about tuning, ragged edge and all that ;)


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Yes, yes you do. I cant believe there prices on there kits. They could easily ask alot more. Shit there kit cost me 1200 canadian. Instead of 1200USD. which is a huge difference. Quailty is great, there customer service kicked ass. My hat is off to you kinetics :thumb:
Nappy the pics that Spin4 posted are the best you will see I think. Just save them if you want to.

also check Kinetics home page.
I am confused as to exactly what they mean does not come with the BOV flange? Does that mean it comes with a straight pipe and no outlet for the bov as in the pic? Because that looks like it would hook up fine to my stock bov without any modifications...
The BOV flange is NOT included due to the number of different flanges for different BOV's on the market. A 1st gen flange (S.S.) is available for an extra 25.00 or so. The 1st gen flange is also compatible with Greddy Type S.

On Spin's car we used his old factory flange.

You can request to have the flange welded on (no extra) but we prefer not to because everyone's car setup is a little different.
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