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Journal Bearing Turbocharger Rebuild Service

Posted by JusMX141, Mar 2, 2017

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  1. JusMX141

    JusMX141 Moderator

    Joined Dec 13, 2005
    Greensburg, Pennsylvania
    If your journal bearing turbo has developed some minor shaft play or oil leakage, don't scrap it...rebuild it!

    I've been professionally rebuilding all brands, types, and sizes of journal bearing turbochargers as a hobby since 2004- roughly twice as long as any other Freelancer on this site. My experience extends beyond the performance market- I've serviced turbos from small diesel trucks to over-the-highway tow vehicles, ambulance / emergency equipment, even cranes and other off-road equipment that operates under load for hours every day. In motorsports, my rebuilt turbos have set records and won numerous drag racing events and 24-hour endurance races like the ChumpCar World Series and LeMons events. With over 1000 rebuilds of various brands and applications during my tenure as a hobbyist, I've brought life to many turbos that would've otherwise been scrapped- saving my fellow DSMers hundreds of dollars over buying a new turbocharger.

    A standard rebuild services all of your turbo's general wear items. This includes the turbine sealing ring, journal bearings, thrust collar, thrust plate, compressor seal collar, and compressor sealing ring. Your turbo's turbine wheel and center housing are fully cleaned and media-blasted if necessary to remove oil coking. The center housing and turbine housing are coated with a high-temp ceramic cast paint to prevent corrosion. Your turbo will look and perform like new after it's been rebuilt.

    Labor pricing ranges between $75-$100 for a basic service depending on model, plus parts cost and actual return shipping; I may not be the cheapest, but quality comes at a price- you will not get a more-thorough rebuild service for the money. I stock over $10,000 worth of turbo parts at all times- rebuild kits, compressor wheels, turbine shafts, housings, etc...so chances are I'll be able to repair your turbo with parts I have on stock meaning a quicker turnaround and less time spent waiting on parts. If additional parts do need to be ordered, they're normally only three days away.

    Any additional labor required to extract broken bolts, repair stripped threads, re-configuring an internal wastegate system (where applicable) or any welding jobs will be billed hourly. Turnaround time varies by the amount of work lined up when your turbo arrives- it can range from 1-2 business days up to two weeks. Priority given by the order in which your turbo is received.

    Please note this is a rebuild service, not an upgrade service. Send me a 14B and it will be a 14B and not a GT35R when you get it back unless we have worked out something prior where I'm accepting your turbo on trade for a larger unit that I have on stock. I do not offer any porting services outside of porting a wastegate hole when installing a functionality mod like a larger flapper or something along those lines.

    My name is known worldwide and my reputation speaks for itself- check my feedback on the site for reassurance. I use only Genuine parts or aftermarket parts from a reliable source that are proven-reliable by my own experience...so you can guarantee the turbo you'll receive will work as good as (or better than) when it was new from the factory. My customers are not guinea pigs, and I won't install Chinese turbo parts even if the customer sends their own parts with the turbo. The parts I install as well as my labor are fully guaranteed for thirty days after the rebuild; warranty does not cover any failure due to oil contamination. For warranty service to be honored, you MUST use an oil source that gives the turbo proper operating pressure and the turbo must have a sufficient oil drain. Under-oiled, over-oiled, or turbos that have failed due to oil contamination result in immediate warranty termination.

    The terms of service are fairly simple- to be considered a rebuildable core qualifying at the prices mentioned above your turbo must have no wheel damage and not have shaft play that is so excessive that wheel damage would occur. The turbine shaft must be straight and intact, and the turbo must be visually rebuildable....no large cracks in turbine housings, etc. Any turbo I receive with wheel damage as a result of extreme shaft play which cannot be repaired (hooked blades, bent fins, missing fins, or fins that are rubbed away from hitting the housing) is considered scrap and will be sent back to the owner or scrapped based on whether the owner is willing to pay return shipping or not. Again, I don't want guys sending me turbos that are obviously junk expecting me to perform a miracle for $150...it's not going to happen without spending some cash. Any unclaimed core or rebuilt turbo left unpaid after a generous period of 6 months becomes property of me.

    All interested parties are urged to contact me via PM here on DSMtuners, or by email at [email protected] for a price quote.

    My rebuilt turbos have had a great deal of success in the DSM world over the years, including:

    • 2008 Shootout Bracket class runner-up, Gabe Friend (TD05H 20G)
    • 2009 Shootout Bracket class winner, David Ruby (HX35)
    • 2012 Shootout DSM Eliminator class winner, John Whalen (Compound Holsets, H1C and HX52)
    • 2016 Shootout Street 32 class winner, David Ruby (8.61 @ 164mph)
    • Fastest current Holset in the world, David Ruby (66mm HX40, 8.77 and 163mph)
    • Fastest current journal bearing T3-frame turbo on any DSM, David Ruby (66mm HX40, 8.77 and 163mph)
    • Fastest current Holset HY35 on a DSM, Gabe Friend (HY35, 10.71 and 133.9 mph)

    Dave Ruby's "quickest/fastest Holset single in the world":


    John Whalen's DSM Shootout-winning HX52:


    Some customer admissions over the years:

    You won't find another Freelancer with as much experience, knowledge, and success in the same price range...so before choosing to send your turbo to some random cut-rate rebuilder with a Facebook page, verify their credentials / successes and compare!

    No other Freelancer stocks / installs more Genuine parts than I do. Before going anywhere else, ask plenty of questions and demand photographic proof of their Genuine parts that are on stock and you'll quickly see how many guys will lie and say their Chinese parts are Genuine.

    Parts2.JPG Parts3.JPG Heins1.jpg

    Examples of my work:

    MHI Small 16G:

    NewSmall16G-1.JPG NewSmall16G-4.JPG

    MHI TD05H 20G:

    TD05H20-1.JPG TD05H20-4.JPG

    Evo X Billet TD05H 20G:

    EvoX20G-1.JPG EvoX20G-4.JPG

    Rebuilt FP DSM Old-School Green - customer made 425whp/438tq at 26psi on pump gas with this turbo:

    FPGreen-A.JPG FPGreen-D.JPG

    Rebuilt FP DSM Old-School Red; customer made 612whp/503tq with a built 2.3L:

    CharlieDSMRed-1.jpg CharlieDSMRed-4.jpg

    Rebuilt FP HTA Evo Red w/ Flow Advancement cover; made 538whp @ 33psi with a 2.3L on E85:

    JustinEvoRed-1.jpg JustinEvoRed-4.jpg

    Billet TD05H 20G; made 439whp @ 28psi, stock 6-bolt low end on E85:

    JaxBillet20G-1.jpg JaxBillet20G-4.jpg

    Rebuilt FP HTA Evo stock-appearing Red converted in-house to a MAP EF3 compressor:

    RickyEF-C.jpg RickyEF-G.jpg

    Custom-built Holset HY40 (HX40 rotating assembly in a HY35 turbo); logged an accurate 78 lb/min with this unit on a 2.4L Evo VIII...best pass to date was 10.64 @ 138 full-weight with a/c:

    RickyHY40-1.jpg RickyHY40-4.jpg

    Billet stock-appearing TD06SL2 20G; Read more about this EXACT turbo's results HERE, where it made 437whp and trapped 134mph on E85 at 32psi with a stock 6-bolt low end:

    BilletTD06SL220G-1.jpg BilletTD06SL220G-4.jpg


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  2. import solutions

    import solutions Proven Member

    Joined Apr 27, 2013
    colimA, Texas
    man how i can contact you on fb to talk about some work for my turbo ?
  3. pat white

    pat white Proven Member

    Joined Jun 10, 2017
    West Bay, NL, Canada
    bump for this guy ...I worked in a shop rebuilding turbos professionally years ago and and can tell from the description of the work involved and procedure, pics and that Hines balancer (no turbo rebuild is complete without balancing...you would be surprised how much they can be out ) this guy does good work..

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  4. ilikejesus

    ilikejesus Proven Member

    Joined Jun 7, 2006
    burbank, Illinois
    pm sent!
  5. DirtyWaterDSM

    DirtyWaterDSM Probationary Member

    Joined Apr 11, 2016
    North Augusta, South Carolina

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