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Resolved Is my BOV recirculated?

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


10+ Year Contributor
Jan 16, 2011
brampton, ON_Canada
bit of a noob on this subject:(. Car makes loud pshhh sound but runs perfectly... as in no stalling problem or losing power. Iv searched the gallery for pictures of other cars with recirculated vavles but they are too modified for me to be able to compare to my mostly stock talon. :confused:I know the side of effects of having it vent to the air so I want to be sure its recirculated OR if its venting properly. :pray: I bought the car off someone so Im not sure what exaclty he has done. From what I can see its NOT recirculated even thoough the car runs fine so maybe Im missing something. I know this is beaten to death so I just need a quick yes or no. Thank you



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10+ Year Contributor
Jan 16, 2011
brampton, ON_Canada
Bramptonian LOL haven't heard that before... ya i figured it wasn't from all the pics and research i did... so how come the car runs fine? and should I make it recirculating asap?


10+ Year Contributor
Jan 11, 2009
Cambridge, ON_Canada
Sometimes a car will run ok with it not recirculated, it really depends on the engine. It's not essential that you do, but it will run better at idle with it recirculated in most cases and you have less chances of the car dying on you.

Not sure you can recirculate with your BOV though, hard to tell whether it has a recirculation fitting; you might need a new BOV in order to do that.


Welcome Wagon
Jan 16, 2008
Wisconsin, Wisconsin
The car will run just fine..

It will not when shifting, because the car thinks the air will be going back into the intake..And then finds out it is not..On an auto you don't loose boost pressure when shifting, so it won't be as noticable..

But on a 5speed it will be..


Probationary Member
Mar 6, 2009
Rifle, Colorado
I would just buy an OEM 1g bov and install it recirculating back to the intake. The port that is blocked off by the plug by your air filter. The mas uses that air to correct fuel trims and such on shifts so the car doesn't stall when coming to an abrupt stop or when downshifting.


15+ Year Contributor
Aug 7, 2008
Miami, Florida
Either switch to speed density/GM MAF, or recirculate with another BoV. Trust me, your car will love you in the long run. Every time you hear that little "woosh" (vented) that people love so much, your washing out your cylinder walls with the stock MAF setup.

As said, just grab a 1g BoV and recirculate it.


15+ Year Contributor
Aug 12, 2006
Edmonton, AB_Canada
Check on kijiji. There is a guy in TO that sells the Greddy knock off for about $30 iirc. I got my fmic, etc. from him.

I miss Ontario but the lack of emissions in Alberta may have won me over. That an lower insurance and taxes.
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