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Installing new power door lock motor on 2g

This article will explain how to remove and replace a passenger side door lock motor on a 1995-99 eclipse/talon. I was able to find one on ebay for about $20 compared to $200 from the dealer. Installation on this part can also get pretty expensive but if you have a few hours and some basic hand tools this will save you quite a bit of money.

Step 1: Make sure window is rolled all the way up so that you can access door lock and door lock motor.

Step 2: Disconnect battery, better safe than sorry.

Step 3: Remove the interior door panel off of the door. There should be six screws total holding it on. You will need a phillips screwdriver to remove the screws, and a flat head screwdriver to remove the cover on the the handle part of the door panel. Once you have all screws undone all that you need to do is pop the door panel off. Just make sure that the switch box is disconnected as you pop panel off. (Picture 1)

Step 4: Next you should see a plastic cover on the inside of the door panel to keep water out, you'll want to peel this back to access the door lock motor. Peel it back about half way to give you enough room to get your hands in there. (Picture 2) shows plastic being peeled back and wiring harness disconnected for the window/door lock; just tuck it out of the way for right now.

Step 5: Unplug the door lock motor by disconnecting the harness and the bottom. It should just unplug and then tuck it out of the way. Also it is time to disconnect the metal rods from the handle to the door lock motor. You will want a very thin flat head screwdriver for this. They are connected by a little green piece on the motor and what you'll want to do is pry the screwdriver between the rod/connector and push up. The green connectors should pop up and then you will just push the rod out. Sorry about the picture it's the best I could get. (Picture 3)

Step 6: Unscrew the door handle, I just used a small opened end 10mm wrench since theres not much space (Picture 4 & 5) once it's unscrewed just wiggle it out a little to give you some room. There should be two more rods connected here one right by the handle and one by the door lock itself. Undo those and now the door lock motor should just be sitting there. After all the rods are disconnected from the motor it's time for it to come out. There should be three star shaped screws holding it in place. If you don't have this screw head you can pick it up at pretty much any local parts store for a few bucks. (Picture 5)

Step 7: Removing the door lock motor itself. Now this is the part that may take a while since theres is not much room at all to get it out. You will want to unscrew the three 10mm screws for the window track so that you can move it in to slide the door lock motor out. Now even when the tracks loostened it still going to be difficult to get out. You just want to take your time and jimmy it out of the bottom of the door. Trust me it will come out but you just have to be patient with it. (Picture 6)

Step 8: Now that everything is removed installation is just the opposite of removal. Just slide the new door lock motor in, connect all rods to appropriate places and connect the wiring harnesses to the lock and switch. Before you reinstall door panel make sure to reconnect battery and make sure everything works as it should. If not double check your work and correct any errors. Now remember this will take some time to do but it is well worth it at the end. I take no responsibility for damage to either the readers car or self, perform this installation at your own risk.


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