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installing cost...

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

out there

20+ Year Contributor
Nov 8, 2002
Fargo, North_Dakota
i had the new turbo-back exhaust, exhaust manifold, fuel pump, and egt (manifold already tapped for the probe) installed at a local shop... $100! damn! i'm going back there when i need more work done that i can't do myself... which will be a lot OMG
FYI....there are resources on line that are free that give you a step by step process in installing items on your car. Even a couple on this site. If you look and learn from them, you will save even that much more. :thumb:
yeah, i realize that i could've installed the exhaust and manifold myself, but i don't have the resources necessary to lift my car up and drop the whole mess... same thing with the turbo and manifold. since the manifold was already tapped for the egt, it was kind of important to let that go along with the rest of the exhaust components.
i did try to replace the fuel pump from the top, but i was kind of worried that something would break if i put too much torque into the bolt (i know it's really tight, but this felt like it was welded on). so... i decided it would just be better to let the pro handle that.
what i really need, is to find one of my friends that interested in cars that can help me out with stuff like the exhaust and replacing the fuel pump (by dropping the tank), etc. you know, the kind of things that are a little easier with two people.
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