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2G Installing AC system previous owner removed


10+ Year Contributor
Sep 20, 2009
El Centro, California
Hi, I'm trying to decide if I should buy this 96 eclipse gsx manual. The only problem I have with it is the owner removed the AC system. It gets hot here up to the 120s in the summer so I need it. How hard is it to reinstall this if I have to go find the parts? I know that parts are hard to find for this car and I don't know how much of a pain in the ass or how expensive it'll be to install it. Also just saw cruise control is deleted too. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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Supporting Member
Sep 11, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio
It’s not too bad. Hardest part will be getting the ac compressor back in as it’s a tight fit and cleaning out the evaporator. Might want to replace that with new. If it’s modded, you need to make room for the ac fan.

Parts you’ll need
Compressor bracket (this might be there, you’ll have to look)
All lines
Ac fan
New o rings
Make sure connectors for compressor, high pressure switch and ac fan are all there.
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DSM Wiseman
Mar 13, 2016
abq, New_Mexico
if the connection to the evaporator (where the lines connect at the firewall) was left open, your gonna wanna either
replace the evaporator and expansion valve
your gonna need to flush it out really good and replace the expansion valve

you also need to make sure that there is the proper amount of oil in the system.
refer to the service manual for specifics here is a link to it:

hvac section of the service manual


15+ Year Contributor
Jan 10, 2008
Eastpointe, Michigan
Ask the seller how much of the system is still there. Lot’s of lazy kids ‘removed the ac’ but technically they just cut the condenser out and remove the ac belt LOL.


10+ Year Contributor
Sep 20, 2009
El Centro, California
Know this is an old thread but where exactly is the high pressure switch located? Not sure if I need to buy one. Is it the same thing as the "service valve core" because that is the only AC component that rockauto has listed that I haven't bought. I'll attach a picture of it. Not sure where it goes. Is there a low pressure switch as well? Also the last owner did leave the port to the evaporator unplugged so I'm sure a bunch of crap got in there. I assume I have to replace the expansion valve. Should I go head and just buy a new evaporator core as well? I'm buying a new condenser, compressor, dryer as well. Figure I might as well buy a new evaporator core as well.

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Supporting VIP
Sep 13, 2012
St. Paul, Minnesota
Late response, but the Service Core pictured is a schrader valve used in the high and ow side hoses for vac & fill. Your new hoses should already have these valves.

Yes, if the evaporator core has been left open for years, it is best to replace it. There’s not a good way to clean it out without forcing small specs of dirt further in, and that dirt can clog the evaporator valve.

The evaporator valve RA has listed is the wrong one for our cars. Ours have 3 ports; theirs only have 2. Order an evaporator coil complete with a valve and you should be all set.

Prelube your o-ring lightly with vasoline, etc. to make sure they seat without tearing. The mounting angles get funny during the install.

Also, there are 2 bolts helping to hold the evaporator coil in place hiding behind the firewall insulation on the engine side, on both sides of the hose port location.
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