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2G idle surge


Proven Member
Mar 10, 2012
Levittown, Pennsylvania
Hey ive got a question about my idle. the thing is that when im driving my car alot or racing it i notice that my idle will change kind of, when i first start my car its at around 900 to 1100, this in park and when i first start my car, when in drive (still with a cold engine) its between 740 to 780 now if im driving to work or somewhere close and not really getting on the engine it stays normal about 800, to 850 in drive and goes to 1000 when in park ( this is at normal op temp), BUT the weird thing is that if im really getting on the car like driving more then 2hrs racing like really getting on the turbo it will go up like 900 to 950 ive seen it go higher when im in drive and if i go into park it will surge to like 1400 to the highest its gone is 1700 now i know for a fact that its not my MAS ive got no vac leaks because ive changed them and ive tried adjusting the BISS but that doesn't seem to change things its helped a little because it was worse, so i was wondering if anybody could shed some light on this for me. thanks


Probationary Member
Jan 11, 2012
Elgin, Illinois
I had a high idle problem that was caused by a tight throttle cable. When the car warmed up more and more I can only assume that the intake manifold expanded slightly pulling my throttle plate open.


Proven Member
Mar 9, 2012
billings, Montana
My idle use to surge between about 900 normally and just rise up to 1100 or 1300 randomly and it threw a check engine light and the problem was a bad cam sensor and a new one fixed it


Proven Member
Apr 6, 2012
knoxville, Tennessee
When my car did this i just had to clean the iac once a week or so and it worked just fine. (Car had burnt piston rings pushing oil threw the pcv system)
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