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I Lost 3 Gears Today!!!

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Dec 22, 2002
Little Rock, Arkansas
Today for some odd reason, I lost 2nd, 4th, and reverse in my car. I was making a turn and decided to down shift into second. The gear engaged by the shifter felt real mushy, like cotton. I pulled over and noticed all gears that are toward the rear of car (2,4,Reverse) are VERY MUSHY, and wont engage. All gears toward the dash (1,3,5) are fine. Now I can sometimes get the gear to engage, but can barely feel it. I think the shifter arm cable is busted. I dont think the transmission is busted.

I just had a new clutch put in less than a year ago, I changed the transmission fluid 6 months ago and I installed a shortened stock shifter arm in two months ago.

Now here is what it is really doing. I took the console off.
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There are two shifter arms. One on the left (side cable) and one on the right (center cable). The side cable is what designates from left and right. The center cable is what designates foward and backwards.

By center cable is busted I think. It only works for the forward gears. When the car is off I can move the shifter into any gear, like it should be. But when the car is running I am not supposed to be able to shift into any gear unless I depress the clutch. This is true but only for 1,3, and 5. Thats right I can move the shifter to 2,4,r with the car running, and clutch unpresssed, but they dont engage.

Where can I get a new shifter linkage from?? How much Satan gonna rip me off now?
That just happend to me, all my dash side gears worked fine and all my rear side gears were mushy.

There's like a connecting tube type deal near the tranny or somewhere along the one cable, it just got bent and sometimes itll work normal and sometimes it wont catch that gear, it cost my with labor and everything 204.29 to fix, not that bad really...

just get the cables replaced...
Ok I'm going to revive this thread, as I just got this problem tonight.

Would someone explain exactly what "connecting tube" and if I can fix it myself? Funds are very low for me right now, I wouldn't even be able to afford 200 bucks.
On my 99 GSX, I lost 3rd, and 4th gear, and it seems like a clinking sound at the rear of the car when I place it in reverse, and back up. I was driving about 80mph, just cruisisng. It sounded like I hit the rev limiter, because the car came out of gear, and since my foot was on the accelerator the revs went up. I shifted to neutral, slowed down, and noticed from that point the car would only shift to 1st, 2nd, and 5th gear. The car starts normal, and I can drive it, but of course jumping from 2nd gear to 5th gear makes in town driving difficult. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem. I checked the shift linkage cables at the shifter, and at the transmission. They are connected, and they seem to be okay. Of course, I can not see inside the length of the cables to tell if there is a break or other problem. There are no other visible problems, oil leak, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.....Eclipin.
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