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I have a special photo shop request

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
May 12, 2005
Angier, North_Carolina
Hi tuners. A friend of mine that is an affiliate with the Carolina Hurricanes (in the stanely cup right now) were kicking around the idea of having a Hurricanes sponsored car. It was one of those convos that involve a lil beer drinking and $h*t talking and what not;) . Well after further review (the next day) he calls me back and said that sponsor idea was not that bad at all. To my surprise this one guy is into it. So I got the email address of the right person to send my idea to and now Im pannicking about how Im gonna present the idea. I would like to have something to show him. IE: my car with a huge Hurricanes logo on it. 2 my car with a hurricane in progress on it, and incorporate my cars speed with the hurricane idea. I think it would best to see what other peoples creativeness will develop rather than me spit out a bunch of ideas. So there you go people.. have at it. If some how this thing works the winning artist will recieve something:D I promise:coy:

and it is for the black 97 talon, fyi. this is a link to diff canes images and to give an idea of what the logo looks like.

Thanks for any help in advance:talon:
Yeah, I know it sucks, but here is something quick I threw together at 6 in the morning after no get the idea, I'll clean it up a bit if you want.
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Also, that is not my picture, I found it in the gallery, please try to add a pic of the car you want it on next time.
Haha wow, it's my car! You're more than welcome to use it :p
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