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I have a confession...


Proven Member
Jun 22, 2008
Clarksville, Tennessee
I chose to buy the camera instead of boosting my dizzum so i better see some action. :sneaky:

TSi Kid

Proven Member
Mar 12, 2010
Avondale, Arizona
As long as I can have bottom i'm fine with that. I just hate doing all the work.


Proven Member
Nov 15, 2009
Cedar Falls, Iowa
It's funny how you persist to write a novel to get back at me??

My knowledge is in Mechanical Engineering, HVAC, Thermal expansion/dynamics and cooling systems.

When you answer all these posts to these "noobs" as you call them, your doing the same thing as I. Dumbing things down for people who havent been around these cars as much. So most of what your saying is a contradiction.

Im a 23 year old Engineer, I have $11,000 worth of parts sitting in my shop waiting for my months paid vacation in spring to assemble.

The compound set-up could be achieved 3 times over with my monthly income, as most of it I could fabricate myself, and im not bringing up my income, you did.

Id rather bulk up my sons college fund than have an 8 second car in my garage that I get to use once a month, but thats me...

Im content with my car at the 450whp I want to reach. Honestly I only put maybe 600 miles a year on it.

So back to the first point I made,

This whole thread is useless...I cant even state that or I get a tonque lashing by someone who doesn't know ANYTHING about me and frankly I really could care less what you have to say, I dont know, you wouldn't like me If you ever met me. So just take what I say as my own opinion and instead of assuming things about my life, Live yours.

stop talking


Proven Member
Mar 21, 2008
Mt. pleasant, Pennsylvania
It took a friend of mine who owns a Porche, Audi, VW shop to point out too me how much the Mitsubishi community fights with each other. Evo guys hate dsm guys and vise versa its just so over played. I never get a kick out of seeing these piss ing contests. Were supposed to be here to help the other tuners whether they have a "noob" question or not. If you dont wanna help people why be on the site. Everyday it seems like i get on here and someones fighting with someone about something that doesnt matter. They used to shut down threads like this a lot more.


Proven Member
Apr 21, 2009
Queens, New_York
11K a month? Thats nothing..... I make about 28k a month!!!! But once i wake up from internet dream land i go back to school then work LOL. This is probably the worst jealousy thing i have ever seen on a website......


Proven Member
Dec 13, 2008
Plainview, Minnesota
Care bear my left nizzut! Not on here at least haha


Proven Member
Jun 22, 2008
Clarksville, Tennessee


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Proven Member
Dec 31, 2009
valley center, California
Some day I hope I can play with you kids. This was a interesting thread. I laughed, I got mad and irritated, and in the end I wish I new you all well enough to play.
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