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1G Hx35 necessary changes/build info


Proven Member
Oct 4, 2014
Chicago, Illinois
So recently my build has changed from running a e3 16g, instead I will be buying a hx35(going through a friend of a friend not sure if it's 7 or 8 blade yet but from my understanding the differences are negligible for dsm). I also know that in order to run an hx35 I will need to run different parts such as slim fans, injectors, fuel pump(fuel etc). I don't know much information on which exhaust manifold to use yet although I've read many threads, they seemed to focus on the mere ability of clearance, and not the performance. If anyone can tell me THEIR experience with the build on 1g that would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking for what other modifications besides fans, dsm link, and fuel system are necessary, I know that some oil modifications will be necessary, but I'm unaware of the details. I previously believed that fmic would be the only performance way to go, but have seen some aftermarket smic anybody try one?
Thanks for any help, Sleeper1ga


Proven Member
Sep 4, 2010
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Take a look at my mods list, I'm currently running an hx35. Also take a peek at what other members are doing with similar setups to get an idea of what direction to head.

It's hard/waste of time (no offence) to lay out a complete mods list when there is already all kinds of info out there to read. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you have though :thumb:


Proven Member
Dec 4, 2006
Bartow, Florida
How much boost do you plan on running? That will dictate the upgrades you need.

With the bolt on BEP housing either stick with a 2g exh mani (for cheap) or spend a little bit on the FP manifold.

The 7 blade can flow up to 60lb/min which is well over the 8blade. However you will probably need to be T3 to get that flow. The 7 blade has better high boost performance. 25+ psi.

If you plan on running high boost then timing control is essential IMO. ECMLink was probably the best upgrade I've ever purchased!

I believe I didn't quite max out my 950s when I had the bolt on housing. I was running 50/50 E85 and pump.

If you're running 25-30 psi then I wouldnt waste my time with a SMIC. It's gonna heatsoak and cause tuning issues.

There's a ton of info specific to Holset oiling on the forum. Simply put, run the largest oil drain that's feasible to get and monitor oil feed pressure and keep it below 72psi and/or restrict flow. 3/4" ID drain is what I have.

In the BEP housing I was seeing 25+psi by 3800. It outspooled the 18g I replaced. 1.5* exh cam retard, advanced ignition timing down low and 50% E85 really made this the best street turbo I ever ran. It did break 6 trannies and 1 rear end :ohdamn: It hits really hard and fast with an aggressive tune!

Have fun!!!


Proven Member
Oct 4, 2014
Chicago, Illinois
I'm looking to drive the car until I can afford to do the bottom end and trans so it will be low boost under 20psi at first. @My1GLaser Eventually I'll be running around 30+psi. For the most part the knowledge I'm looking for isn't general high hp I understand the general things(fmic, forged components, injectors, fuel pump, dsm link or aem, etc) I'm looking to find out the specific modifications for this exact turbo(aka recommended bov, oil feed, and etc)
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Proven Member
Feb 14, 2009
Houston, Texas
Don't forget, manifold. ..twin scroll, open t3, bolt on Bullseye (bep), t3 adapter plate to dsm manifold. Lots of choices. I have a t3 twin scroll hx35 that I will be doing over the spring.


Proven Member
Aug 29, 2013
Sterling heights, Michigan
you can get a bep .55ar hotside and it will bolt right to your stock manifold then you will need to have some sort of way to run a waste gate be it on the manifold or the o2 housing that is your call you can get a 2g manifold with a 2 bolt gate provision on it pretty cheap here on the for sale threads just keep an eye out also you will need a oil feed and drain i would say a -4 feed -12 drain and check the numbers and see if that is all it will need you might need a restrictor then you will need fuel you saying you want 20psi i would say go with some 1000cc or bigger because your gonna want to grow im sure the holset just starts to breath around 20psi and a walbro 255 will get you by as well for a pump then you will need an afpr and thats about it besides a way to tune it which there are many other options besides link (i would say get link though its a great program) you can see in my profile i ran an hx35 on my 1g


Proven Member
Mar 5, 2008
Janesville, Wisconsin


Probationary Member
Feb 8, 2010
indianapolis, Indiana
I have seen a lot of guys buy and install large turbos on their stock cars and most of them break something.
my advice is to start preparing the drivetrain to handle the big turbo. that is not to say build the engine, but at least new head gasket and head studs, timing components if not new. if your car is manual, install a good clutch. if auto, put in a trans lab shift kit and a forced four shift box. upgrade your fuel system, pump, injectors, etc..
it may be fun to run 20 psi on an hx35 for a minute but it sucks when you blow your engine or trans.

good luck with the build.
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