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How much did you pay for your DSM?


Probationary Member
Mar 18, 2013
Howell, New_Jersey
2000 bucks for 1994 eclipse GS with around 95k miles in 2009 I believe. A red one and got me around as my first car. Mom was a bit shocked and amused I kept my word as a 4 year old telling her I'd get the same car as her when I grow up. she had a white one back in the day.

850 bucks down paid for a GST spyder 1997 with 165k miles. mint exterior, interior and only 2 owners purchased from dealer in 2013. timing belt/water pump done by someone in turbo trix and a week or 2 later, rod knock. with full, new oil. dealer took the car back without giving me a problem, I lucked out.

2,400 bucks for 98 eclipse RS, black manual with only 84k miles purchased in 2012. Still my daily and never gave up on it through all the crap it's been through. with a rebuilt upgraded head, all belts, water pump, suspension and cooling system replaced it's too mechanically sound to give up despite assholes hitting it left and right. just got totaled by a snow plower truck last month quarter panel destroyed.

saving for a GSX and pray 2 find one soon.


15+ Year Contributor
Mar 7, 2004
Los Angeles, California
Resurrecting this thread as I'm curious what people are paying now a days.

Paid $18,300 for my '93 Talon TSi in March of 1993.

Bought it new with 6 miles on it, it was also 8 days old when I bought it.

Drove it as my daily driver from new in March 1993 until Dec 2019.

Starting in Jan 2020 I still drive it for fun or short trips.

Current mileage as of Oct. 2022 is 241,083

Legitimately passes CA smog every 2 years including earlier this year,

-Richard Silva-
'93 Talon TSi
O.G. Talon Digest member 96-2002
O.G. SoCal Club DSM member


Nov 14, 2013
Independence, Kansas
$2300 in 2019 for my 1992 auto talon and drove it 150 miles home.
It came with the window sticker too!
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Proven Member
Mar 15, 2021
Kingston Springs, Tennessee
I made the mistake of being impatient and going for an auction. Purchased my 95' Talon AWD for 5900...
Its pretty neat, since it has the beige interior and no sunroof, and was mostly stock aside from a aftermarket BOV and exhaust.
However, within 6 months had to have the motor sent to a machine shop, rebuilt, and had to put in another transmission since mine was grinding 2nd after the clutch burnt out, speaking of which the clutch had to be replaced.
Thats what i get for buying a 205k mile car with no info about it :ohdamn:
(make no mistake, i still love it though. Its been nothing but amazing, smiles every time i drive)


10+ Year Contributor
Dec 17, 2009
Pensacola, Florida
I think I paid $1500 for the blue talon like 10 years ago. Lol. It ran but the engine was…horrific with sludge. Check the build thread for pics. And the trans fluid pump completely shat itself shortly after getting it shipped here.


Jan 13, 2005
Yukon, Oklahoma
I traded a good/running 98 4G63T long block for the AWD Spyder shell(no drivetrain) about 5 years ago.

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