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How much boost can my HKS BOV hold?

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Jan 6, 2003
Hello i have an HKS blow-off valve, it's design is the same as a 1G BOV but it's grey and says HKS on it. How much boost can it hold?
Will i have to upgrade my BOV when running higher boost?
I have never seen a HKS BOV Like that. It looks way old. I have no idea how much boost it can hold.
Originally posted by L2RTSiAWD
I have never seen a HKS BOV Like that. It looks way old. I have no idea how much boost it can hold.

OMG Holy Chit!!!!

That was probably HKS's product back in the Starion/Conquest days.
good call that is why that is hte blowoff valve used on the star turbo kit. They hold up descent since they are a poppit style valve. but they do like to leak. what did you use as a flange to acomodate the 2g hose, as far as I have seen no vendors offer that flange style. my friend turboed he GS and had that, but upgraded to the newer SSQV and like it much more. But if you got a deal on it, then maybe it was worth it. Better than the 2G plastic but not as good as a stock 1G, IMHO. but hey mitsubihsi designed the 1G BOV almost perfect, look at the WRX BOV. its the same just differnt flange. too bad they went to 7 bolt and plastic BOV in 95.
You can build a pressure tester, just get a piece of metal pipe, weld a plate to one end witha nipple the same size as the nipple on the BOV. and a plate on the other side with some sort of nipple for a air pump, and weld a flange in the middle, attach to BOV, runa vacuum line from the nipple end to the BOV nipple, and fill with a compressor or pump utilizing regulated air. you will feel it when it starts to leak. a friend has a 1 g crushed that held 25-28 psi. so she uses it on her FP red. yes her with a red. NICE!!!

happy building/ testing
WEll you take the area of the circle by measuring the radius of the BOV. So that would be PIE R2. WE measure the wind velocity of the car traveling at 50 mph divide that by the numertor and you get the answer to be around 28.98473634 psi of pressure can be held by the HKS BOV.:p
wow, that is some old skool sh*t! back in ancient years....LOL..

well, at least we all know it's probably STILL better than the stock 2G plastic bov... anythings better than that stock pos.
i got this at 30 bucks, theres a guy running a 12 sec car with it so i guess it holds, i will upgrade later on with a SSQV, i should have gone that way to begin with

oh and i didn't need an adapter for the BOV it fit in the stock 2g location
i'm still running the plastic BOV on my VR4 1G, but i turned it around so boost pressure pushes on the side of the piston not on the spring . It has been working fine Could be something to try but if anyone has any reason why i shouldn't tell me.
It may fit, but how did it attach to the stock line, it is primarly rubber radiator hose, and a little piece of plastic to uses a piece of coupling hose to band clamp it together. this thing has those 2 screw. Or did it happen to come with a adapter, that you can clamp in, inplace of the stock on. I know you cant screw that one into the orginal factor place. Just curious. I know of a cheap flange system that will work with SSQV that will mate to a 1G flange, but those screw in aswell, ours use hose clamps. I just like to learn shortcuts incase people ask. Thanks
well i give props to you , cause thats a really old BOV , thats badass......

should see stuff like that more often....
yeah it's old but it works :)
there is another DSM around here with it since it just drops in, it sounds cool also like a WRX BOV
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