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How many "Old-Timer" DSM Guys on here?


Nov 14, 2013
Independence, Kansas
I will have to tell him, he loves all cars and the small details about them like that! Wow, would bend the wires, that's crazy!


Proven Member
Nov 5, 2007
RIpley, West_Virginia
I'm still on here a few times a week really need to update my latest build log car is changed colors changed to an auto trans all kinds of things , I'm 40 years old and still pushing dsm's


Probationary Member
Jan 8, 2014
poughquag, New_York
got my first DSM at 17, a 94'GS I'm 35 now and since then a 92 talon dl,93gs,97gst,98gsx,95gsx,95tsi,98gst,99gs,92gs,92gsx, and I recently found the 97 gst which was sold in 2003 which is going to be built again soon


Proven Member
Nov 13, 2002
Pasadena, California
33 here, been at it since 18 and the hobby became a segway into my current profession. Was heavy into the metal scene back then, hence the stupid username.

It's amazing how much playing with these things teaches about, well, everything. So many heads out there with the DSM love possess better mechanical aptitude than many auto repair technicians without any formalized training. It really shows here.

It's nice that DSMtuners is still up and about. The irascible masses still vigorously kick each other in the head while contending the accuracy of information posted. Ha, glad to see things the same as they always were--nostalgia just feels good sometimes, doesn't it? :)

Also, it seems that as most of the community ages, they've moved on as well. Most appear to abandon the platform for German and other luxury brands. Notice that much of the older crowd still around are putting together some rather sick rides? Even though manufacturers are phasing out spare part production atm, I think the bar will still be pushed upward for a little while into the future
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Drop Top Road Trip

Proven Member
Oct 13, 2015
St. Louis, Missouri
Gonna be 48 in January. I've only had my DSM for 2 years! But, I remember reading a great article way back in 1989 about the then to be introduced 1990 Plymouth Laser Turbo in the February 1989 issuer of Sports Car Illustrated and well...I guess it kinda stuck!


Proven Member
Aug 13, 2013
Easton, Pennsylvania
41 on my license but don't tell me that. No kids, no wife, 3 DSMs, 24 year old GF, can't beat it. I basically do whatever the F I want.
Loved my buddy's 1g panda Tsi awd in HS. I lived in NYC for years so I didn't need a car, but when I moved back to Pennsyltucky I picked up a GS for a DD and started wrenching out of necessity. Stopped wasting my time with N/T several years ago. All DSMs need work, but a 4g is actually rewarding.
Very few people younger than us even know WTF a talon is. It's kinda cool especially considering what the eclipse namesake has become (shit even before the SUV I always peeled the eclipse letters off immediately)
Every time I look at a newer evo or wrx etc I want to throw up. How can something new look so dated? Now a 2ga talon, that's a timeless design. Refined and subtle. I love the thumbnail spoiler!!!! Although all my current and previous DSMs contain my blood sweat and tears my 96 is my love. Id f*** that car if i could and I plan on dying in her if I ever get a terminal diagnosis. I love my 2gb of course but as I've gotten older sometimes when I look at her she looks straight outta the 90s and I unwillingly associate her with a Pontiac. Although someday I will get the rarest of the rare a 98 Tsi awd auto.
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GST with PSI

DSM Wiseman
Jul 27, 2005
San Diego, California
Funny how most people posting here are 30+.

The 20 year olds are all on the Facebook car groups and don't even use forums like this one anymore.

Sad, really.


Proven Member
Jul 22, 2009
Montgomery, Alabama
Gonna be 30 next year. And I dont ever plan on getting a more comfortable car. I got a bad back and bum knee from not being kind to my body while I was in the Army, but hell I can daily drive a mazdaspeed mx-5 I can daily drive damn near anything.

I need a new backup car, but I don't plan on turning my DSM into a garage queen at any point.


Proven Member
Sep 14, 2002
Fleming, Ohio
I'm 35 and got my 1st DSM in 2001. Was hooked ever since. Although I don't have DSM per say anymore, I do have a 7 passenger 4G63 Expo.


Proven Member
Jul 13, 2008
Houston, Texas
65 here youngsters. I'm retired now and my 92 awd laser sits most of the time with occasional runs to keep things loose. It was given to me by my brother in law. It broke down on the lady that used to own it and she told him to go pick it up or she was going to let the wrecker driver have it. He towed it to his house and I picked it up later. I really didn't want it. I'm glad I got it.
It sat for about a year until i needed a work ride and fixed it. I kept it because my 87 turbo T developed rod knock. It's a project and my "Mopar" (like I used to tell the clowns at work) fills in the void.:hellyeah:


DSM Wiseman
Jun 7, 2003
Minneapolis, Minnesota
66 here. Bought my present 99 Eclipse GST new. Only car, drive year round (even Mn winters), and compete on road rallies (the pic is the wife and me competing on the 2005 Mn Winter Rally). Do all my own work even rebuilding the tranny and turbo. As I'm very knowledgeable on electrical systems, I often reply to electrical problem posts.


Proven Member
May 11, 2002
Clifton, New_Jersey
51 years old. Bought my 91 GST from a used car lot in Florida back in 1999 or 2000, I had no idea what it was and especially that it came with a turbo! I discovered the DSM community out of necessity, nobody either wanted or could fix it for me, especially the local Mitsubishi dealer (well, they would but at the cost of both arms and legs which I still needed, so...). Back then it was and all of the regional subsidiaries...anybody remembers the talon digest? Good times. The car is still with me in NJ now, finally in its own garage. Still running strong, it just needs the rear windows to be put back on along with the carpet and is going to be my commuter again.


Proven Member
Aug 18, 2002
Virginia Beach, Virginia
43 next month. Started off with a 1.8 when I was 19, moved onto the GS-T about 6-7 years later. It mostly sits now, but I try to drive it once a week and work on it every now and then. I still have plans for it, so not planning on getting rid of it anytime soon. Obtained most of my knowledge back in the day from the Talon Digest,, VFAQ, and then also local chapter websites and email lists. I was on some Facebook groups, but quickly left due to the drama and immaturity. I'm still on some of the classifieds pages though.


Proven Member
Aug 13, 2013
Easton, Pennsylvania
I'm feeling much better about myself after reading this haha.
I have to ask @luv2rallye why a GST instead of a GSX in Mn winters?!?
And @95talongirl, I've been ordering from rock auto for years and have yet to get your magnet. I considered trying to get my own for my 96 until I saw a picture of yours. Do you have spares?!? Big fan.


Supporting Member
Feb 9, 2008
On a Jet Plane, Illinois
I'm feeling much better about myself after reading this haha.
I have to ask @luv2rallye why a GST instead of a GSX in Mn winters?!?
And @95talongirl, I've been ordering from rock auto for years and have yet to get your magnet. I considered trying to get my own for my 96 until I saw a picture of yours. Do you have spares?!? Big fan.

Aww, thanks for the kind words! I have a pile of them, actually. I meant to bring them to the shootout, but i always forget to!
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